Sunday, 15 July 2012

Blanket Ta-Dah, a Half Marathon, and some penguins and polar bears

Hello there. Today's post title makes me think of being in an episode of Lost. Hopefully, this post will not be as convoluted as a Lost storyline. (I actually loved Lost!!)
I have a lot to fit in, due to my fairly sporadic recent posting. 
So, to begin....

 I finished my nemesis blanket. Finally! This is the blanket I loved at first, then passionately hated, as I felt like it would never end. Now that it is finished, I am back to loving it.
Also I misjudged the amount of yarn needed, and was just too lazy to go and buy more. So instead of fitting a queen size bed, it's more of a single bed size........

Unfortunately, the happy day when I finished this bad boy, was overcast and rainy, so I only got a few shots of it in all its finished glory.

Here it is in its home on the lounge

Luckily before finishing the blanket, we went away for the night, and stayed in a beautiful Treehouse with an ocean view on my favourite mountain. Obviously, I took the blanket, and took heaps of photos of it in its almost finished state.

It is possible that I may have gotten carried away with "styling" the blanket., and may have thought I was a participant on Project Crochet Runway or the like.

Anyway, as you can see, I took ridiculous amounts of photos. The good news is that it encouraged me to try the collage on picmonkey for the first time, which is pretty easy to use.

On to the polar bears and penguins component of the post.... we took the shortest one to Seaworld this week, where all of us were captured by these guys in particular.

They were ridiculously adorable. they just promenaded up and down, back and forth, looking through the glass. So crazily cute!!

And this guy,........... loved his work.

On to the half marathon. I did it!!! It was great, I was fairly sore afterwards. 
Thanks to all of you for the support and kind words.
I always find it inspirational reading about people's exercise, and it often motivates me to lace up and go out, so I thought I would tell you what I find useful, and good about running.
1. It's really really easy to do, requires no equipment, just shoes
2. It's awesome, and addictive
3. It teaches you  patience and resilience.
4. It's really fun.
5. It's alone time, or thinking time
6. It's great for weight loss/maintenance. Which is great, as I love eating!!!
The things that I have found useful in getting back in to running have been- reading lots of running books to motivate me, and having a great playlist to listen to. 
I cannot overestimate the impact for me of listening to great music while I run.
Everyone has their own musical tastes, but for some reason, my favourite music to run to, that gets me ridiculously motivated, and always, always lifts my steps, is nineties hip hop. Yes,  my spotify running playlist includes such awesomely fabulous classics as "Bust a Move" "Baby got Back" and far too many Salt n Pepa songs.
They have fantastic beats to run too, and often make me laugh whilst running. Just because.

Anyway, I will leave you with this shot, and hope that you are all relaxing like this guy, whatever the weather is like where you are.
Take care of yourselves


  1. I love your blanket, it takes on a life of it's own with all those photographs and becomes less of an inanimate object. My running that was not even running has come to a stop right now, my second pair of new trainers are crippling and my knees played up! I am going to get third new trainers in the next couple of weeks though...I also need a playlist...Iron Maiden 'Run to the Hills', Motorhead 'The Ace of Spades', Ozzy 'Crazy Train'...all suggestions gratefully received...:) x

  2. Well done dear on the half marathon. I take my hat off to you, having watching the husband do it twice. Its HARD work, so pat yourself on the back.
    I love your blanket, it looks like a deckchair in some of the bottom pics! Gorgeous colours.
    Baby Got Back is the funniest song ever and at the grand old age of nearly 37, I must say I have loved Salt n Pepa since my 13th birthday.
    Push It is my all time favourite song.
    Happy Sunday my lovely
    x x x x x

  3. A big congrats on your half marathon. What an amazing accomplishment. Love the blanket, we have all been in blanket hell where we can not see the end in sight. Glad you had a great time visiting the sea animals.
    Love and hugs to you,

  4. Love your blanket! Well done on the half marathon, I always like the thought of running but in reality....!!


  5. Love the blanket, what stitch is that?

  6. Congratulations on the half marathon... Really great work..:)) I like your nemesis blanket so so much.. This is wonderful.. Very well done..:))
    All best wishes...

  7. Congrats on the blanket and the half marathon - what a tremendous effort on both!!

  8. Well done you on the half marathon! Having started running again a couple of months ago (after way too many years off!) I am finally enjoying it again and toying with the idea of a half marathon... So far only up to 7k - think 10k is achievable in the not too distant future but half marathon??? Not sure about that one - maybe I should try the music for a bit of motivation... xx

  9. What a fabulous post. Thanks for visiting so I could come and find you back. You have a similar obsession to me in that you like photograph your makes outside in varying poses. Great. Well done on half marathon. Very impressive. Love the animals

  10. What a gorgeous blanket! That must have been so much work. You must be so proud!
    Now that I'm here I would love to invite you to the link party that's on my blog every Saturday and Sunday. I hope to see you there!
    Best wishes, Annemarie


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