Wednesday, 25 July 2012

and it was all yellow....

So this week I got some new yellow clogs, which I totally adore. I thought that to celebrate them, I would do a yellow post.

Yellow is one of my favourite colours. My bedroom is done in a bright cheery yellow, and I love waking and looking at the bright happiness each morning.

We went to the markets on the weekend, and got a lovely bunch of gerbria's, hand chosen by the smallest one. She loves flowers. And yellow.  Yellow is actually her favourite colour, mainly because its the colour of the dress worn by Belle, her favourite Disney Princess, who she is a mite obsessed with.

And here are the clogs. They are made in Sweden, which I am loving, due to my current obsession with Swedish crime fiction.
I can now imagine I am a Swedish crimefighter, clad in awesome yellow clogs. Or something like that. 

With winter slowly coming to an end around these parts, we have the wattle coming out, in all its yellow glory.

Sorry about the photo sizing here. I'm experiencing the exceeding my storage limit issue on Picasa at the moment, and have spent ages deleting a few photos to try and do this post.  Somehow whilst doing this, I have stuffed up the sizing..... and I just can't be bothered changing them right now.
Because I'm lazy.

So I hope you are all having a lovely lovely week, full of things that make you happy, whatever they are,  whether they are yellow or not. 
Take care


  1. What a sweet post!!! I love those clogs. I went to Sweden when I was 5 and my grandparents bought me a pair of tan coloured clogs. I still have them to this day and both kids have worn them!
    Sunflowers are my fave flower but those gerberas look mighty fine too.
    Such a happy, cheerful colour, huh!
    Happy day dearest!
    x x x

  2. Hi my dear friend, I like your post so much. Yellow is one of my favorite colors and expecially in summer time..:))I like your yellow clogs so much..:)) Good choise..:)) And all the flowers.. All of them are amazing... I feel happiness when I look the yellow flowers..:))
    Thank you very much.. And all best best wishes...:))

  3. I absolutely LOVE the idea of doing a color post! Don't hate me if I do a few of my own :)

  4. Yellow is one of my big favorites too! A happy color! :D
    Love the clogs!

  5. I just bought some sunflowers here....
    I love your clogs.. I had a pair i worked in for years with a wooden based sole and I LOVED them I cannot find them in the area anymore...
    where did you find them?

  6. Thanks so much for popping back to my blog and letting me know where you got those coveted clogs!!!

  7. Why do they call it Mellow Yellow when yellow is so punchy and vibrant and not mellow very often at all!

    So behind on my emails, but Big G is doing good!!!!


  8. I'm not a fan of yellow (I know I know...controversial!) but I'm learning to love it. In fact yesterday I wrapped a set of blocks in yellow rafia (a first) because it was absolutely the ONLY colour that would do. And very lovely it was too.
    Happy days
    fee x

  9. Yellow is so cheerful! I like all your pictures.

  10. Oh oh! Now I have the wantsies....those clogs are marvelous! :) x

  11. Yellow is my favorite, too! Those yellow clogs are wonderful and I'm sure they're excellent for fighting crime!

  12. yellow is my absolute favorite color. you can't look at it without smiling. <3

  13. I love yellow! It's such a cheery color, and those clogs are just perfect!

  14. Very nice, thanks for sharing.

    Vico @ sewa mobil


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