Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Was it the best Mothers day Ever-Let me Koalify!

Hi there. Interesting post title? All will be revealed as to my koalifications for making such a big punny statement shortly.

I hope you are all well, and enjoying good weather. It's Autumn here, and is finally starting to get a bit nippy. It's still warm enough to enjoy the beach however. here are some shots of a trip I took down the coast yesterday. It's a beach I don't often go too, because as you can see it's quite populated, and I generally prefer the quieter more secluded beaches.

 However, yesterday was lovely, and the views were stunning.
There were however quite a few older gentlemen wearing uncomfortable for my eyes swimwear! I have spared you any photos of that!!

This building however really caught my eye.

OK, now we've exhausted my chat about the beach, lets move on to Mothers Day.
I had a lovely lovely Mothers Day.

Daughter No.1 was incredibly thoughtful and bought me a leather cuff that I had been wanting for ages, and the most beautiful glass teapot which I absolutely adore.I also got the most awesome pair of sneakers, which have proved to make me run incredibly fast, and a stunningly designed hand decorated vase from Daughter No 2.

We had a picnic with my Mum, sister, brothers and their family. It was one of those lovely perfect days.
A massive highlight of the day was taking a walk to the koala shelter, and seeing these guys!
The second highlight was when I asked my son to climb a tree and pretend to be a koala for me, and he did it!!
The third highlight was when he said I could put the picture on my blog!!!! So happy!
(I should explain, his girlfriend's name is Jane, he doesn't just have a weird penchant for girls named Jane)

I'm linking in with Ginny for the Yarn Along, and Tami for her WIP. I'm still making my ocean blanket, which feels like it will never be finished, and I'm reading the new Jonathon Kellerman book, which I'm loving. Sorry for the lack of pics of it!!

Take care, and hope you are having a wonderful week


  1. Oh this post made me smile from ear to ear. You funny thing you! I am glad you had a lovely Mother's day, your gifts all sounded fantastic. I need some 'Go Faster Sneakers'! I too have kids that will occasionally humour me by undertaking my incredibly whacky whims! Nothing delights me more! I think your koala is the best! :) x

  2. My are you a lucky Mom!!!! I had an argument with my husband and found out my eldest son had lied to me the night before about something completely not important. Wow, Happy Mother's Day to Me!!!

  3. Looks like a wonderful day all round.
    Loving the ocean waves in you blanket - the colours are perfect.
    Enjoy your big Koala.

  4. Hooray - you're back with gusto (hope so)
    Your boy is v handsome - i look forward to the time when my #1 will do something I ask again...we're entering a very 'difficult' phase!!!
    Amazing pictures as always
    fee x

  5. Sounds like you had the most wonderful day! Especially with a brand new pair of chucks - mine make me run faster too! Best shoes ever.

  6. It sounds like you´ve been spoiled properly - just as it should be! :-)

  7. such pretty pretty images.....
    Glad you got a fun Mothers day gift.....
    LOVe your crocheting image

  8. Lovely photos. That pic reminds me of gold coast. Where is it?

  9. Sorry I pressed send too soon! Loving the yellow converse and your son is a right looker! What a gorgeous hoy

  10. Oh this iPad frustrates me! Hate technology! What I was trying to say was your son is a gorgeous boy. Loving the koala. The best mo in oz was spotting a wild koala. They just look so cuddly. Glad you had ood mothers day

  11. That was meant to good. Better quit while I am ahead! X x x x


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