Friday, 11 May 2012

Mothers Day Excitement

Hi, hope your week has been fantastic. It's Mothers Day here on Sunday, and Daughter No. 2 has been crazily excited about it, and preparing like mad. 
She is quite similar to me, likes to plan, loves lists etc. She has asked me to make a list with plans for her birthday party this year. Which is in October. We actually bought a special book for the plans!!
But I digress.... mothers day. 

Daughter No. 2 has already prepared her own Mothers day outfit, I'm not allowed into her room to see it, and on a daily basis she tells me how many sleeps there are till Mothers day, and asks what I will be wearing. (If you're interested, I'm planning on my green and white spotted dress, with a yellow cardigan)
I've been making a few bits and bobs for my Mum, I made this brooch,

I also made her this cowl, she wanted the one from my giveaway, so hopefully this will be a good replacement :-)

Nothing exciting has been happening here lately, I'm trying to make an effort to keep blogging but, it's a bit tricky after having such a big break.
I'm linking in with Tami's for her FO's

Anyway, I hope those of you celebrating Mothers day on Sunday have a fabulous day, I know I'm looking forward to finding out what the shortest one has been hiding in her room, and if I'm getting the Darren Hanlon CD I really want......
Take care


  1. sending some more hugs your way - and hoping you have a wonderful day.
    fee x

  2. I love the brooch, gorgeous!

    How sweet of your daughter, can't wait to hear what she has planned :)

    Have a great weekend


  3. Dear my friend,
    Happy mother's day to you and also your mother. Kisses for your sweet daughter... I am going near my mother and my daughter today. So I am very happy. As your daughter, My daughter asked me If I 'd go near them for several times.. She prepared a mother's day gift for me and she didn't say anything about it. I will see her gift on Sunday.
    All best wishes...

  4. How sweet your daughter is. My boys don't even register that it is Mother's Day. Happy Mother's Day to you a I bet you both will look lovely in your outfits.

  5. Your mums brooch is lovely, the first picture is very clever.

    I do hope you have a lovely day on Sunday, I love to plan parties too, I am in my element planning food, getting all my cook books out and making sister and her family will be coming for lunch tomorrow so it looks like a bomb has hit my kitchen, but it will be worth it!

  6. Aww what a sweet post. My son isn't old enough to really "get" mother's day yet, but I hope he shares your daughter's excitement a few years from now.^_^

  7. Keep on blogging dear one. I love reading your posts, even if I don't always reply/comment.
    Clever with the crochet, aren't ya?!
    Have a wonderful Sunday.
    x x x x x

  8. Now, Missus- where else would i find such crochet treasures such as Fenula or fusion bunting eh?
    So you cannot stop the blogging!!
    BTW the CAL at mine has started - with lots of photos and instructions, so there's no excuses...!
    Have a lovely week.


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