Saturday, 5 May 2012

Pursuit of Happiness

Hey. How's things? I like what you've done with your hair!!
It's been a while since I last posted, and I am looking forward to the time when I don't start a post with apologising for the length of time in between posts!

But this is not that post, so I will begin by saying- Sorry I haven't been around, I've missed you guys, missed chatting, missed reading your blogs, and missed having you chat and comment on mines. 

As the title of the post, and the song suggests, I have been madly pursuing happiness.
Times have been tough lately around these parts, and have left me with no time to blog, or to read blogs. I am hoping that will be changing, and that this post is the start of getting back to normal.

 I have been pursuing happiness, trying to put as many good and positive things into my life, to compensate for the sadness.

I thought you might like to see a few of them......

Obviously, most of the happy I have tried to pour in has involved beaches and water. 

Whenever I get a few free hours, I have been catching the ferry to this island, and walking around it. 

It's an island that's not too far from my home, and is relatively unpopulated. I think I saw maybe five people all up this day.

There may have been few people about, but there were ridiculous amounts of crabs around, scuttling everywhere.

On the making stuff front, there has been very little action lately. I did make this scarf, which was initially going to be a cowl for my Mother for Mothers day, but I ended up liking it too much and deciding to keep it. (Sorry Mum!)

So anyway, Ima love you and leave you, hope all is good in your world, and hopefully I'll be around here a lot more.

Take care


  1. Jeeesh the irony...if you could see my hair! Good on ya for pursuing that is crucial kidda. You take care of yourself :) x

  2. you know I give lovely hugs right? well here are a few more - fill up on them as and when, or bank for next few days....
    fee x

  3. Beautiful photos, I love the rainbow!

    Hope things start looking up for you.

  4. So sorry that sadness has worked its way into your life. It sounds like you are taking the time you need to surround yourself with beauty, I hope it helps. We are here for you when you need us. Sending you a massive hug.

  5. Welcome back, Missus!
    All us bloggy friends have been missing you!
    Glad you've taken some time for yourself- the pictures of the island are beautiful. I love those crazy crabs!
    Big hugs to you, my lovely!

  6. Lovely photos, hope you've been able to find a happy place, best wishes xx

  7. Soooo pleased to see you, I like what you've done with your hair too! I've thought about you lots an hoped you'd been down the beach.....glad you have. xxx

  8. Oh! Glad you like my hair :D How did you know?
    I hope you found some peace and happiness on those beautiful beaches...
    Sarah -x-

  9. Ohh Hi there... Well I really changed my hair color..:) you guess good:)
    I am curiously waiting your new crochets..
    Welcome again.. Good spring days...

  10. Oh good grief...just look at those crabs. Were you scared? Think there are too many there for my liking...
    Hope you are ok and sorry things haven't been so great for you. I have a well lovely shoulder if you facy it sometime...
    Laughed re your comment over at mine, about the cross dresser, serial killer and sumo men.....what the hell is that all about?
    X x x x x x x x

  11. Fancy, not facy.....grrrrrrrrr x x

  12. looks like you're having a beautiful time! <3


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