Monday, 2 April 2012

Competition Winners, and Bloggoversary

Well hello there. You're looking good today!

I'm sorry I have still been largely absent from the blog world, but am hoping to come back properly soon.

I am also sorry if I haven't responded to your lovely comments, but I have read and really appreciated them. Thank you all.

This week I went for a drive, and took a walk by the sea, which is always a happy place for me. 

I used picmonkey for these photos, I have always wanted to try the Instamatic look. 

I really love the look, but don't think I would permanently want to use it, as it takes all the colour and sun from the photos!

I have not edited the last photo deliberately, so you can see the difference!

So, anyway, it's April 3 today, which means it's a year today since I started my blog and wrote my first post.

I have really enjoyed the process of blogging, it has helped me look at the world around with a different eye, I have really enjoyed chronicling things I have made, and most of all, I have really enjoyed meeting all of you.

You guys are great, you really truly are. 
I love getting your comments, and feedback, it really makes my day.
this is the unedited version- how much brighter are the colours??

Anyway, on to the Pay it Forward Competition.
I have decided to add cards to all the prizes, since they were clearly the favorites.

Prize No 1- the flower fairy crowns..... goes to Madeleine from Yarn Madness

Prize No 2, the cowl goes to Cuckoo, from Tales from Cuckoo-land

Prize No 3, the cards goes to Robbie from Knitxcore

If you can all email me your addresses, I will get them out to you quick sticks.
Take care


  1. Ok albeit through Gritted teeth 'Congratulations to the Lucky Winners' :) I love your photographs by the way. xxx

  2. Tell you what, Missus, your photos are truly good!I LOVE that first pic - it's so atmospheric - think you should use it as your header pic. How easy is PicMonkey to use?Will have to think about changing over soon.
    Congratulations to the lucky winners also.
    Have a good week, my friend. x

  3. Congratulations on your blog anniversary.Your pictures are amazing!And Congratulations to the lucky winners. have a super week juliexxx

  4. Love the instamatic look, they look really mellow, although I see what you mean about th colours.

    Gutted not to have won, but happy for the three (I guess!)

    Have a good week, and try and squeeze another beach visit if you can, it's good for the soul and we all love to see your pics afterwards.x

  5. Happy Bloggiversary!
    Love the photos!

  6. I'm a winner?????!!!!! Weeeeeeee!!!!!

  7. Happy bloggoversary. Lovely pics as always. xx

  8. Love Love Love those photos. Oh i wish my photos would come out like yours.......xx

  9. Lovely photos, although if I'm really honest I just do prefer the 'real' colours ;-) xx

  10. YAYAYAYYY!!!!!! (your pictures have really gotten great!)

  11. You rock...beautiful photos...I also want that "instamatic" look! I guess I'll have to play around a bit with my photos, too. ♥

  12. too long since I've been over here - pleased to see I haven't missed too much! (didn't mean that to sound rude - you know what I mean!!!)
    I was going to say 'I certainly do NOT look good today...' then I realised you wrote this a couple of weeks ago, when the chances are, I looked considerably better!
    Anyway - lovely pictures, hope you're ok, glad to see my pal Cuckoo won something and hope you're having a good weekend
    fee x
    (I'll chuck a hug in there too for good measure)

  13. Hi, congratulations on your bloggerversary and to jJust to let you know I have awarded you the Liebster Award, please can you pop over to my blog where you can pick up your award! - x


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