Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Shawly you haven't finished that crazy shawl already!!

Yes. Yes, thanks for asking, I shawly have finished my shawl of happy crazy goodness. And it shawly has been a journey.

This shawl started as some squares that were going to become bunting, but then I was not feeling the love for that idea, so they kept growing and growing until they morphed into this bad boy!

I was originally going to put flowers on, but it ended up too busy looking, and I think you will agree that there is more than enough to look at already in this crazy colourful shawl.

It was inspired by this gorgeous blanket.
I am not sure if I will ever wear this out of the house, or if it will just be a "houseshawl". I have never really worn a shawl before.

So, you might be interested in the following:
Things that Happened during this photo-shoot:

-My dog Lucy tried to poke her head into every shot. I mean every shot!! And not in the cute, posing way, in the blurry out of focus in and out way.

-I was worried the whole time that an unsuspecting stranger would come up to me and say "What on earth are you doing?" My response would of course have been "Dancing like no one is watching!" Or in reality, the more likely response of jumping in alarm, muttering something unintelligible,and slinking away, shawl under arm. Lucky it didn't happen!

-Also, the last two shots are not some fancy blurry app, it started raining, and was also quite humid, and the camera (my phone) fogged up.

-It started raining during the "shoot"
-My sneakers got very very wet.

-The shawl got very wet- positive reframe, I needed to block it anyway!

-It was really really fun!

Anyway, this was something I really enjoyed making. It's comprised of a mix of mostly mohair and a few other scraps I had lying around.

It has also meant that my new project is sorted, as now the shortest one in the house has decided that she wants a shawl like Mummy's. So I've started on an extremely colourful one, where she has chosen the colours and design herself. It's going to be striped and flowers!!

Also, just a reminder that you can enter my Pay It Forward competition here. You have till next Wednesday to enter.

In the last couple of weeks I've been reading devouring the first two Hunger Games books. I saw the movie this week too, and loved it!! 
And the below blanket is the beginning of the smallest ones shawl blanket.
Linking in with Ginny for her Yarn Along and Tami

I would like to apologise for my lack of being around blogland in the last two weeks, I've had some tough family times to deal with, and I have not looked at a blog for some time. I wrote the above post two weeks ago, but have not got around to posting it till now!!
So apologies for not commenting on any of your lovely posts, and I will now be catching up on them all over the next few days.
Take care xx


  1. That shawl is happiness on a hook :D But what's with the frogs?

    Sorry to hear you've had a tough two weeks, I do hope things are looking up x

  2. I like your shawl very much. In these days I am planning to make a crochet shawl or blanket with little squares. but not granny sqoares. Your shawl seems so beautiful but a bit hard for me. Very good job. And very good colors..

  3. Your shawl is looking very cheerful:) Good job and I love the face of your dog Lucy!
    Elisabeth Andrée

  4. Gorgeous shawl. I don't think it looks crazy or busy at all. The colours are great. Mmmmm, you used mohair. I've never tried crocheting with mohair - too thin and hairy - but then I'm a real beginner when it comes to crocheting.

    Sorry to hear you've had tough times. Hope things are better for you now. xx

  5. How empowering to let your 'shortest one' design her own shawl. Does she crochet yet? That would be great to put on your blog, or a blog of her grandmother taught me and I would just make great long chains to get used to the hook and yarn, then I think I progressed to Granny Squares. I still love me a Granny Square. Lucy looks incredibly happy, my dog appreciates my creations. In the name of the 'Crochet Sisterhood' I dare you to wear that lovely shawl outside! ;) x

  6. Love your shawl!
    I hope the next 2 weeks are a bit better.

  7. But where's the blue skies???

  8. MMmmmmm Mohair! That's going to be insane cozy to cuddle up in during cool weather! It looks like you had a blast with the photoshoot!

  9. Your shawl looks great! I love the colors and love the squares!! How very modern! I hope you're having a better week :}

  10. What a lovely shawl, the colours look fab hanging over that tree!

  11. Such a happy shawl. The colour remind me of Joseph and his technicolor dreamcoat. This is totally a fantastic technicolor shawl!

  12. I love the shawl photo shoot and giggled at the thought of someone watching you thinking your a little strange!

  13. Where are the photos of you in it though?! i can so imagine you setting up your photo shoot and traipsing through that swampy bit.

    Sorry to hear you've had some tough times - hope things are getting better. Blogland's quiet without you xx

    1. It's just what you need for the cool spring evenings, even if the days are a bit hot at the moment. It is wonderfully bright and cheerful. xC

  14. Love the colors of your shawl. The fringe makes it extra special!

  15. Oooh, I'm glad you loved the Hunger Games!!!
    And that shawl is so fun and colorful. I really do love those last 2 foggy pictures!!

  16. Love your reminds me of an artist, just can't think have to wear it, it's fab!

    I've missed you, I do hope that things have got better for you and yours.x

  17. Your shawl seems almost Mexican in flavour - it somehow reminds me of serapes. I think it's the cheerful sunny colours. What a nice halo that yellow mohair has.

    I wonder if Faith was thinking of Mondrian? (I couldn't think of his name, so I googled "artist who painted primary colour squares with black lines" - and he popped right up. Good ol' Google.)

  18. that shawl is my favorite color combo! totes amazeballs!

  19. I LOVE your photoshoots- they always look so amazing!
    That shawl looks like the sort I'd want to snuggle up in whilst watching the Telly!
    Well done, you- and how lovely that your little one wants one too! Bless!
    Enjoy your week, my lovely.


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