Saturday, 17 March 2012

Saturday in the City, and some tag

I just wrote a massive long post, I am sitting with the laptop on my lap watching kids shows with Daughter#2 after a huge day, and then I accidentally deleted the whole post!!!!!!!!! 
I am so cross!!

I had told you all, in words of breathtaking beauty that would have had you glued to your seat, and also potentially nominating me for some sort of writing prize, about my day, where the shortest one and I went to the city, art gallery and museum, then I had started to do the first of two tags I had been tagged in, was halfway through the first one, then I pressed a button accidentally and the whole thing was gone.

And I am far, far too lazy to rewrite. So I may or may not do the tag thing later on, but am too cranky to do it now :-)

I've had a lovely day with the shortest one, and am about to go and pick up Husband from work in the city, you would know why, and the fascinating tale that goes with this fact if I hadn't been such a goose and stuffed up the whole post!!

Anyway, I've got a roast in the oven, so I'd better love you and leave you, and get that sorted before I go and pick up the Handsome one.

Also, Son and Daughter#1 are both at the same party tonight, so I need to start worrying. I am a terrible worrier when they are out, which is often. I could actually quite easily Worry for Australia. I am super good at it! But I do need to have spare time to focus on it properly, so I won't be able to spend any more time here

Hope you have a super duper weekend with no computer or other malfunctions. Take  care and be really nice to yourselves.

PS How good are my pictures!!Thanks to Alyx, my blog makeover person, I have discovered picmonkey- it's awesome!!
I was hoping to astound you all with my blue sky photos, but sadly it 
was overcast today!! ;-)


  1. Your pics ARE breathtakingly brilliant. They really are! How annoying that you deleted your post. That's something I would do. And i know how long those tagging things to take to do...

    Enjoy your weekend. Xx

  2. Well done you for continuing to post, I would have been like a screaming fish- wife, I feel annoyed on your behalf!

    Your photos are amazing, love that one second down, so 'designy'

    Missed your last post somehow, but how clever are the words and crochet together?!

    Have a lovely weekend!

  3. I literally feel sick with worry when my eldest daughter is out. It's dreadful. I am such a worry-wart when it comes to my kids. I try not to be too obvious about it because I don't want to stifle her fun or smother her, but it's not easy. I am so relieved when she gets home.
    Deleting your post...just the kind of thing I'd too. I feel your pain x

  4. Gah! Been there done that! The deleting the post thing, not the cultural, places of education and intellect that you mention, (albeit briefly)! I hope the roast made up for the bitter blow. Great photos btw. How strange, I never had you as a worrier. I could worry for England about my teenager. I went out to a Basketry workshop last night and he went to a Party, without his key. I figure a long stand on the doorstep is what you need to help you to remember your key in future. I can quite literally feel him aging me and worry is a complete energy zap. I need to search techniques to get this worrying malarkey into perspective...on the bright side worry makes my crochet hook work much much faster and my knitting needles clacketty clack louder!

  5. Argh don't you hate it when you lose everything like that? I can't stand it. Will have to check out picmonkey.
    Which city is this by the way?

  6. Yikes, how frustrating! Don't worry too much (easily said than done, but still)! :-)

  7. Oh it is so frustrating to lose your written words! The amount of times this has happened to me well I have lost count :)

    Great city photo's and like the city scape sulpture.
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Leah x

  8. Love the pictures,I've done exactly the same and deleted,so annoying...
    I'm such a worrier too,dreading when My two go out partying.
    Have a super duper weekend too,xoxoxjulie

  9. Oh how annoying is that?! I've done it too and somehow the rewrite never feels as 'right' as the original, I seem to lose all my powers of expression (such as they are, ha ha!!) when I have to try to recall what I said! Still, lovely post and lovely pictures - I love that tree in the 4th one xx

  10. Well you may have lost your original words but at least we still have these great images :D

  11. Beautiful photos! I wish I was there!

  12. What a weather! I like it! And clouds... so beautiful! Have a nice day from sunny India!

  13. Oh how frustrating!!!! Blog problems are awful! I'm about ready to switch my new layout back to the old because it's been annoying me so! But I'm so glad you were able to share the pictures with us though!!

  14. You are living a wonderful city. I like all your photos very much. And also your grab buttons and blog designs are so beautiful. I watching you very closer.. Thank you very much...

  15. those pictures are perfect! even though it was overcast, it looks like a perfectly nice day :-)

  16. Oh, that is such a bugger, deleting a fabulous post. (been there, done it too- grrrrrrrr)
    Well, I still loved looking at your gorgeous photos.
    You have a good weekend, too.


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