Wednesday, 14 March 2012

A Massive Thank you and an early shout out to St Patricks day

First of all, I need to say a really big massive thank you to everyone who was kind enough to leave a lovely comment after yesterdays post. I was incredibly touched by the 
kindness of you all, and it made my day so much nicer!

I have now recovered from what kind of feels like a very public foot stamping, hair tossing tantrum. I feel like a bit of a goose, as I asked for feedback by participating in the process, I had just expected the feedback to be more in the form of constructive criticism, and less...... harsh!!
It has however, made me realise just how much I enjoy blogging, and how much I appreciate the kindness of bloggers.

Anyway, enough of that, I am moving on. And as so many of you kind people said- blogs are about you and what you like. But thank you all for reading and liking my blog- it means so much to me!!! You all rock! Thanks for liking my blue sky pictures :-)

So, St Patricks day on Saturday, I thought I would celebrate with some pictures from my James Joyce's Dublin book, and some flowers I have been making lately for my happy bright shawl.

And lastly, the smallest one and I went to a local island on Sunday, we had been planning to go for about the last two months, but I swear it has rained, or someone has been sick for that entire time! But this Sunday was perfect weather, and the smallest one dressed in her finest fairy outfit, and away we went.
We had a lovely day. We texted my parents when we were there, and they came over as well, had a delicious picnic for lunch on the beach, a swim, and a walk. It was a fabulous end to the week.

Because it's Wednesday, as always I'm linking in with Ginny and Tami
I'm reading another Liza Marklund book, called The Bomber, and loving it!! It is super engrossing!!
And, still making the happy shawl!
(apologies, I forgot to take a photo, and now it's too dark)

Talk soon, and thanks again!!
You guys really are the best!

confession- I have never actually *properly* read any James Joyce, I mainly like looking at the pictures in this book!


  1. Happy St.Paddys day for Saturday,
    love the flowers and your new look blog.
    lots of love,

  2. I like all your flowers. Expecially the pink and blue ones. And I can easly learn how to make by the helping of your closer photos.. Thank you very much. And All best wishes...

  3. Lovely pictures and flowers. I haven't read yesterday's post yet, but wanted to say your blog is looking great!

  4. What a gorgeous fairy to have at the beach!! Love the new look! x

  5. Lovely flowers.
    And I love your beachy fairy too!

  6. I love the first pic with your grey flower attempts at crochet began and ended at chain stitch I'm afraid!

  7. Love all the colorful flowers and your photos :)

  8. I wish I had a Beach Fairy to come to the beach with me!!! She is the cutest and your flowers are lovely. Glad you got over the blog thing, you are wonderful and so is your blog, don't listen to that old grump!
    Have a great day,

  9. Love the flowers and the photo of your daughter on the beach is just beautiful!

  10. LOL @ your "confession"!

    Ahhhh the days when little girls dressed as fairies. I wish I had appreciated it more when my girls were little.

    Such pretty flowers!

    Have a great day.

  11. Now I wish I HAD a fairy outfit. It's awesome, especially the sunlit picture of the gauzy fabric fabric floating around her legs! Cute flowers, especially those cranberry coloured ones!

  12. The flowers are lovely. It looks like a great day at the beach!

  13. Nice new look, and keep blogging about whatever makes you happy! :)

  14. aahhh love the 2 photos of your little girl in her fairy outfit by the sea ;-) She is adorable. There is something so lovely and peaceful with the sea and sand. Lovely flowers loving the 2 toned ones. dee x

  15. Loving all the flowers xxxx

  16. I love all the different flowers!

  17. I somehow missed your post on Monday and I am so sorry that I did - I think the very best blogs are for ourselves, about what moves us. Your blog touches me because it is an insight to your life. As son as that honesty is lost then so is the heart. Keep on being grateful for crochet!

  18. What a lovely fairy on the beach :-) and great sky in that photo ;-) xx

  19. Hey, not enough sky for me in that last photo....
    (that post made me and Cleggy chuckle...soz. Especially the term Sally sensitive. I love your blog too...)
    Anyway, I am totally inspired by your photographing on the pages of a book. james Joyce is one of my all time favourite authors, and Dublin in my top 10 places in the world. Chuck in some crochet? perfect.
    fee x

  20. Love the piccy of your daughter in her fairy outfit. Btw, I've tagged you, hope you don't mind. xx

    1. Lovely pictures from the Dublin book - my own little Patrick arrived home from Uni for Easter today - the day before his Saint's Day! I had to have a look at your last post - I know it must have hurt, but it's just one person's opinion ... you post some great stuff here! xC


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