Monday, 12 March 2012

What I like about your blog- call me Sally Sensitive

So, I recently participated in "What I like about your blog", where you sign up, and get two critiques of your blog from other anonymous bloggers who have also signed up.
I'm not too sure I will do so again, as much as I love constructive criticism, this was a bit much for me.... call me Sally Sensitive.....but this was the word for word review of my blog:

"okay I took a look at the first blog grateful crochet the layout is okay. I like the way you can find the information about her and follow button at top. It starts off colourful at top then gets blan and the content is boring because theres hardly any instructions on her projects it just all about the pictures of the sky etc. Overall its fine I just not interested in visiting again."

Sorry about all the photos of the sky I post!
I'm off to make a coffee and sulk :-)
Talk tomorrow, when hopefully my bloggy self esteem  will have recovered


  1. That's not even an interesting critique so I wouldn't pay any heed to it and be assured that the folks who visit your blog do so because they find something here that interests them and just for the record I LOVE all your sky pics - they serve a purpose to the folks who may not have seen a blue sky since last Summer...keep 'em coming!Have a good week my friend. x

  2. That is just awful - don't you dare change your style - that wasn't constructive that was just ignorant. When you are reading a blog it is because something they have said or done or made or photographed (like the sky!) has really struck a chord and you keep coming back. Not every one can or wants to do detailed tutorials or recipes and not every one wants to read them. A blog is a little bit of you, a little bit of daily life and a lot of fun xx

  3. Well for what it is worth love, I LOVE your blog. I don't always comment but that's just down to my lack of time to do the reading AND the replying! Bring on the sky pics. Do LOADS! Rebel......Christ, that person would be sick of my blog, all I photograph is the sea and cherry tree clothes!!!
    As Nana Go-Go said, keep 'em coming.
    GREAT blog design, tres swish.
    x x x

  4. how rude!
    I love your blog so there!!!

  5. oh bleurgh! some people are kind of missing the point aren't they?! There are LOADS of places to find instructions that you can apply to pretty much anything that has enough pictures if you want to (I never feel I have the authority to post instructions and I don't really post for that). I love your blog - it makes me smile each time I visit. Oh and there are plenty of us that love sky pics ;-) xx

  6. It's hard isn't it? People always say that they don't care about what other people say about them, but as soon as they hear *what* they said, it always hurts... But don't worry. Your blog is awesome! :) And judging from the comments above, the opinion of many outweigh the few ;)

  7. I can think of all sorts of rude comments in reply to your anonymous critiquee (sorry, that surely isn't a word and yet my autocorrect didn't even try!) but it wouldn't be very ladylike! You could say 'streuth' or flaming galah in Alf Stewart stylie! But to b e honest, I'd be more inclined to be glad that someone with obviously no taste or imagination isn't going to visit again.

    Chin up me dear!

  8. What a mean and totally unconstructive comment, please ignore it, your blog is fab! I firmly believe that you should post what you want when you want and I love your posts :)


  9. Well I love popping around is obviously for sophisticated folks like myself with discerning taste. I am very Grateful for 'Grateful 4 Crochet'. There is constructive criticism and there is a poke in the eye! Keep Calm and carry yarn! (((Hugs))) :) x

  10. Sod em. You devoted followers are the only ones whose opinions count. There's not a single blog out there with universal appeal. I was told my blog is too wordy. Well I don't care. Don't come back and don't waste your time commenting coz it'll go straight in the spam bin.

    Sod Em. We all love ya!


    ps I expect they were just gutted you aren't sharing your scary doll patterns.

  11. I say keep doing what you are doing. I like reading your blog, I like your pics. As far as not sharing patterns..oh well..I just show my work and once in awhile I will tell you where the pattern came from. I just show my stuff..if people want a video direct them to Utube.

  12. I happen to LOVE pictures of the sky! You should see how many I have on my own blog. :)

    At the end of the day, I think all the really matters is if YOU enjoy what you are doing and are happy with what you put on your blog, cause you can't please everybody!

    Keep up the good work!



  13. Well, I don't think you have to feel frustrated even for single second!SO many people follow your blog, and it means something, isn't it? Keep on sharing your crafty ideas! :)

  14. What a meanie!! I think that is a bland and uninteresting review and should be ignored! Be glad they are not coming back to leave any morehoc their thought!!!
    I for one love your posts and your sky photos xx

  15. Well she has no taste that is all i can say. And i would take notice what so ever of that review. If people didn't like your blog or what you had to say they wouldn't follow you or leave you positive comments. Let it go right over your head and you carry on doing just what you love doing and your own way because its great, hugs, dee xx

  16. Well I can't stand her!! Why didn't you ask all of us who know and love you? I think people are just plain mean, I wouldn't want her to visit me that is for sure, WE love your blog and think just every little bit of it is just perfect! Blah on that review!
    A special hug to you,

  17. I'm glad they haven’t looked at my blog with all my spelling mistakes. If it makes you feel any better, I like your blog.
    They can stick the review up their bum! ;)

    Lou xxx

    Who cares what an anonymous (and mean) person has to say?
    Does she follow your blog?
    Do 100+ other people follow your blog?
    AND WE ALL LOVE IT....!!!!
    What does she know, anyway- and how boring would it be if we were all the same?!

    Enjoy the rest of your week, my lovely.

  19. each blog needs to be a little different. we all have our own voice <3

  20. So it wasn't exactly constructive criticism! My critique of the critique: The reviewer has perhaps failed to understand the particular purpose of many blogs as he/she appears to expect all blogs to include craft tutorials. The reviewer has also perhaps failed to understand the purpose of review, constructive criticism does not equate to tactless remarks made after cursory observation. Spelling and punctuation need work. The reviewer would maybe benefit from looking at the sky sometimes!

    You keep doing what you do m'dear, the discerning reader appreciates it xxx

  21. I agree with Annaboo,I love your blog too.
    Chin up ,dont worry,what do they know ;)
    Take care,
    love juliexxx

  22. There's always going to be someone out there who's not going to like what you do. Who cares! Forge them. We love you! xx

  23. Personally I cannot see how that comment is at all constructive. You know what hey they didn't like your blog but the chances are you probably would like their either, the only differemce is you would have been a lot more constructive about commenting on it. you are never going to please veryone but so long as you are happy with what you write (at the end of the day, your blog is for you after all) You have plenty of followers who love what you write, don't let a small comment like that put you down x x x x

  24. I had to leave a comment on this post! I just have to say that your blog is far from boring and I love visiting and seeing what you have been up to and what you share :) xxxx I personally blog for me and if anyone wants to join my ride they can :) xxxx Quite a put down of a comment you received but please let me assure you that not everyone thinks that way at all. Love your flower post in the next post by the way :)))))) xxxx

    Leah x

  25. YOu are so so brave. I'd never sign up for critique on my blog!!! Carry on. THat commentor doesn't know we lOVE your blog.

  26. Came here via....oooops can't remember now! That's a good start hey! I saw something in the distant past about signing up for that and thought it was quite dangerous ground as you have now found out. There is NOTHING wrong with sky pictures, I can't get enough of them. All I can say is you just carry on as normal, you obviously have a good following so 'keep calm and carry on' as they say here there and everywhere!! Suzy x

  27. Wow. I read this earlier and it's been on my mind all day so I came back to comment. First, you're very brave. It kind of reminded me of what was called a Slam Book way back when I was in school. Someone had a book with everyone's name on a page and people wrote 'constructive criticism' to you on that page. They were ugly. Anyway, I like your pictures and I like what you've said on your blog. I got here from a linky party, my first of that type. I'll be back!


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