Saturday, 10 March 2012

What yarn is That?

Sometimes I buy yarn, roll it into a nice ball, and then promptly forget about it. I mean totally forget about it. As in, I'm not organised with my yarn, I don't keep the labels, or write them down, or in lots of cases remember what they are!
The gold yarn above and below is a prime example. I know I fell desperately in love with it, and that it feels like silk, but could not tell you it's origins.

And sadly, the first time I went to use it, I was disappointed. It's really thin, and a bit splitty.
But it looks so beautiful, and I have been desperate to find a project that will best show it's beauty.
I tried making flowers with it- no joy.Tried making a plain scarf- no joy.
But then I thought of mixing it with another yarn...

And this scarf was born!
I love it!
It's floaty, and hangs nicely, and the gold whatever it is yarn, and the rose wool mix beautifully. The gold has a lot of imperfections, and was very splitty, and this shows through iin the scarf, but I like it. It's part of the charm of the dreamy look of it to me.

This weekend, apart from discovering a use for the gold yarn, has been just perfect so far. (Apart from having a sick husband)

Whilst husband slept off his sickness, Daughter #1, worked, then went to the movies, Son slaughtered people playing X-box, Daughter#2 and I went on a massive bushwalk/bike ride.

It was a perfect, lovely sunny day.

Unfortunately, at about the hour point, when we had an hours walk to get back to the start, she flagged, and I had to carry her bike!
Lucky she's little, and only has a little bike!
And that she's ridiculously sweet.

The weekend also involved some shopping, I picked up this gorgeous jug, and vintage tablecloth, that I just adore!
And I had some success in making flowers with a different yarn!!

Hope your weekend is filled with happy!

oops, also forgot, if you want to enter my giveaway, go here to enter. Also, I've decided to add the scarf as one of the prizes. Because I'm happy, and want to spread the love :-)


  1. Aah Blue skies,looks like a dreamy day out.Love the scarf,the gold looks so effective.Your vintage finds are just beautiful.Hope your week ahead is filled with happy too!Lots of love,xxx

  2. You have been so busy, love that you are getting special time with your little one. My son has probably killed just as many people as yours on his xbox. Glad at least they know it isn't reality. Love your new scarf.

    Happy Weekend,

  3. You are a bit too nice :) That scarf is lovely and you carried your daughters bike! I am not sure about going for a days bush walk bike ride when hubby is sick though, did you go to get away from him? I always offer to book mine in to a travel lodge when he is ill, he makes me miserable to look at or listen to him cough! Thoughtful aint I? xxx

    1. It was actually the perfect day for a sick husband too, as we were all out of the house except for son, and he got to sleep in peace, to the lovely sounds coming from the x-box, which I do believe is his favourite lullaby!!

  4. Love the gold mixed in, really sparkly and pretty....I love sparkling things!

    Your walk looked lovely, although not so sure about the bike carrying, we took littles bike to th football match this morning that big was playing at, trying to carry it and hold the hand of a three year old having a tantrum and make sure the other two were safe walking on a main road was not much fun, I was so relieved t reach the car, if only to put the radio on to drown out the squealing!

    Have. Great weekend me dear!

  5. What a great scarf! Those colors are divine... A little bohemian and shabby chiq - I love it! :)

  6. those yarn are really great together!!!! <3

  7. Your scarf works really well incorporating the gold yarn- lovely. I like the new design on your blog too :) The vintage table cloth is a real find - liking the little white flower detail x

  8. Ugh, I always lose the labels and then I get crazy when I need more and can´t remember what it was..! The scarf looks lovely and so does the other pics! :-)

  9. Beautiful pictures. Today was lovely apart from being sick. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Love that last image of tree tops and blue sky ... I feel like I'm right there looking up!

  11. Gorgeous blue skies- cheers me up no end!


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