Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Check out my fancy new blog

Oh Hi there! You're looking lovely today!
I hope your week is travelling along nicely. 
I'm off work today, plagued with the dreaded flu. I do have lots of things however that are making me happy, and mitigating the awfulness of my achy bones and runny nose.

 The first thing making me happy is one you may have already noticed. My brand spanking new blog layout.
As it's coming up to my one year blogiversary, I thought the old girl could do with a bit of a makeover. (Makeover shows are always my favourites)
I had been thinking about giving my blog a bit of a tidy up, but had a deathly fear that I would break it doing so. And I was worried that I would miss my old backdrop too much.

So when I saw that the lovely Alyx , from Every day is a new adventure had offered a 25% off design deal until March 10, I decided to jump in with both feet.
I contacted Alyx, and I have to say that she was brilliant. She was endlessly patient, and I really mean that!! I didn't realise until she started asking me questions, how little I had thought in through, in terms of what I wanted. But Alyx was amazingly great, and seemed to be able to know what I wanted, even when I wasn't sure, she offered suggestions, but wasn't pushy. All in all, it was a brilliant experience, and I would totally recommend checking out both her amazing blog, and her design talents. Also, she is ridiculously cheap- like stupidly cheap. I really think she should charge more for what she does, and how well she does it!
So if you've been thinking about changing your blog in any way, I would absolutely recommend going here, and checking her out.

So, on to the linky goodness. Today I am linking up with Ginny and with Tami
I am reading the new Faye Kellerman book, and loving it to pieces. I love her work, and have read all her books. Her main series, which this is the latest of, has a red headed Jewish detective called Peter Decker as the main character. I love these books so much!!
Her husband Jonathon Kellerman is also one of my favourite authors, as is her son, Jesse Kellerman. Now that's an impressive writing dynasty!!

I have been making this yellow shawl now for quite some time. it started as squares i was going to make bunting out of, then I went off that idea, and basically they kept growing without me really having much idea what i was going to make with
them, until I saw Delia Hornbrooks, incredibly amazingly beautiful crazy crochet blanket . It totally inspired me to make a higgledy piggledy shawl out of the squares. 

So today I have been sitting our on the verandah in the sun, making my shawl grow. Occasionally drinking cups of tea from my new mug which coincidentally arrived today, and feeling as happy as is possible to when you're sick. Which strangely enough is surprisingly happy!!

In other news, I'm having a Pay it Forward Giveaway which you can enter here. You can also use one of the lovely G4C buttons that are now on my sidebar to advertise it if you are so inclined.
And lastly, but certainly not leastly, my lovely Mum has started a blog. If you're interested in looking at beautiful quilts she has made, or checking out her teapot collection, then go here, and say Hi.

Well, that's it for me, I'm off to finish reading my book. Take care, and enjoy the rest of your week


  1. Love love love the new look - well done :) Also a serious case of the wanties on looking at your new mug seeing I have just dropped my favourite one - grumble

  2. oooh! I hope you are feeling better real soon. :) I can hardly recognise this lovely place, if it wasn't for you I would have thought I had stumbled in on the wrong Blog. How jealous am I? I spend ages rearranging my blog and then I chicken out and don't apply the changes, because like you I think I may permanently break something. I love clean, clear bright blogs and am aware mine reflects my clutterbug ways! I just don't have the technology to do anything about it. Nice Job :) xxx

  3. Aaaahhh bless you thank you for the mention im really touched and to think that crazy blanket inspired you ;-)) Im loving yours it looks so soft and the colours are fabulous love the yellow with it. So sorry to hear you are feeling poorly hope you feel better real soon. Your blog layout looks smashing i was the same as you but i hadn't changed mine for 2 years and i was scared to but i just went into blogger and it talked me through. Have a good day rest up and enjoy enjoy your crochet. dee xx

  4. Yes, missus- you have done yourself proud here.
    LOVE the new, fresh look to G4C.
    And great shawl/ blanket too- nice cheery colours.
    And is that some of your famous fusion bunting I see in the pics?!!
    Have a super day- hope the flu decides to leave you alone.

  5. This is a homely blanket! I like the colours. I have started using yellow too in one of my project :)
    Have a nice day and do more of crochet!!!

  6. The blanket looks so cosy and cheerful

  7. Lovely and that yarn looks so fuzzy and scrummy. I feel cheerful just looking at it!

  8. Ooooh swanky! I'm sorry you are sick but strangely envious! I'd quite like a quiet day in bed reading and crocheting. Unfortunately I can't take a day off when I'm poorly because there's no one to look after the baby except me. I'd have to be literally hospitalised before my workaholic husband would take a day off!! Never mind, can't complain, it's his work that keeps me in yarn after all!!!


  9. First of all I like your first and second photo with your yellow shawl. I like these kind of photos so much as they show your home situation and very natural. And I must say that I like your yellow shawl so much. Very good design and very good idea. I wish you that you d be very well as soon as possible. Take care. Best wishes...

  10. The blanket looks very cheerful and you have a nice blog!!

  11. Liking your new blog image a lot.

    Hope you feel better soon. Love the shawl btw, it's so cheery. xx

  12. Love your new look!

  13. The new look is fantastic. Don't you feel all fresh and special? I know I did when my sisiter was kind enough to change my blog. Hope you feel better soon,

  14. Thank you SO much for the kind words! And contrary to your belief... you were actually VERY easy to work with! Thanks again!!

  15. Sounds like the flu hasn't got a chance against your sunny attitude! Feel better soon!

  16. LOVE the new look! And hope a day in the sun gets you feeling well soon!

  17. Love you new look. The hook and yarn graphic is great. Who designed that for you? I like your grannies and the photos you take - so colorful. Hope you feel better soon - know it's no fun going to work sick.

  18. Like the new look! And that looks one soft snuggly blanket :-) Hope you soon feel better x

  19. Love the bright colors in the bunting/blanket/shawl

  20. Oooooh - how flash is your new layout!! Wow hon - it's great. Hope you're feeling better soon.

  21. Love the new layout - it's always nice to have a bit of a makeover every now and again ;)

  22. LOve the CLEAN look of your blog. Great referral. thanks.
    Feel better soon. Drink tea and see!

  23. I'm loving the new fancy blog!
    I hope you’re feeling a bit better now..make sure you get lot's of TLC.

    Lou xxx

  24. so lovely spring colours on the blanket. I love the sunshine..we still have so much snow :(

  25. loving the new look :o)
    and such a pretty shawl.
    Hope you are feeling right as rain very soon x
    happy weekend!
    love jooles x

  26. Very classy and happy making! Beautiful new blog feeling ;-)

    I hope you get better soon with lots of hot drinks, lavender oil, lemon, honey, crocheting and cuddles.



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