Wednesday, 23 May 2012

She Sells Sea Garlands

Hello there.

Well today's title is somewhat of a misnomer, for she does not in fact sell sea garlands. perhaps because she is too lazy, perhaps because she could not be bothered making more than one, perhaps because she closed her etsy shop after no one bought anything after 3 many perhaps. perhaps she will stop referring to herself in the third person you might be thinking. Well she will.
Shortly....... Its oddly addictive you know referring to yourself in the third person.

Anyhoo, to days title. As I was on my weekly walk around this beautiful island,I thought to myself how much I love both the beach and crochet, and began to think about combining the two in a way that is not just making an ocean blanket. How can I mix shells and crochet I wondered?

Well this is the answer. I made a seashell crochet garland.
Which by the way is most difficult to photograph. Especially if you have a penchant, as she does (sorry that one slipped through, no more third person I promise) for taking photos against a backdrop of nature. I spent a most frustrating morning coming to the slow realisation that brown yarn does not photograph well against either trees or leaves. Or paintings, or my floor, or anything really. Most frustrating.

Anyway, here it is. I just crocheted a chain and crocheted in shells with holes that I had collected on my walk, and here it is.I lost a few shells in the process with some rather rough crocheting. What can I say? I'm a badass!

So what other awesome highjinks have I been up to apart from crocheting shells?
Well, today I'm slow cooking a delicious ham and pea soup, it smells delicious, I wish we had scratch and smell blogging, as unless you were vegetarian you would love the smell of this. I'm actually cooking it today because my vegetarian daughter is at school, then working till nine tonight, so the smell will not torture her.
Speaking of torture, I went to the chiropractor this morning. Very painful.

I also went to see the Dictator, and loved it. Very much. Same with the Avengers.

Readingwise, I'm linking in with Ginny I'm also linking in with Tami. I'm still making the ocean blanket. I fear it may never end. I wont bother showing you a picture as its just more of the same.
I was reading the new Augusten Burroughs book. Sadly I am really not enjoying it, and have made the decision not to finish reading it.
This is a big decision for me. Augusten Burroughs is one of my top five male authors. In case youre interested, my top five are:
Nick Earls, Nick Hornby, Ian Rankin, Colin Bateman, and Augusten Burroughs.
Big Augie has written some amazingly brilliant books, but sadly his newest is not one of them. It's a different genre, he's written a self help book, and I found it patronising, simplistic, and excruciatingly annoying. I hate that I hate it. And I feel awful bagging it, but it's just my opinion, and I am sure it will work for some people.
So to deal with my sadness at the lacklustre book, I have begun the newest Camilla Lungdren, and am loving it to pieces!

Anyway, hope you are all well and happy, almost forgot to mention in other news I got my hair done again, here is an awful bathroom pic. I will leave you with it, and an apology for what may be my most rambly post, and for the quality of the pictures today.
Take care


  1. But a very beautiful garland :-)
    Like the hair as well.

  2. One looks beautiful! ;-) Seriously, what a stunning haircut. Pea and ham soup? I love it. I also really like your sea shell garland.


  3. Nice garland! So crafty idea for making it this way. Have a nice day! And I love your hair cut)))

  4. I do love the new seashell garland!! and the haircut! (brown is awfully tricky to catch well in photos--you did a good job!)

  5. What do you plan to do with your seashell garland? From what I gather from hearing others talk about the esty shops, 3 wks is a drop in the bucket. Sounds like you threw in the towel too soon. Most say it takes a good long while, gotta give your shop a chance they say. Nice photo's. What Island are you on? Are you vacationing or do you live there?

  6. Forgot I wanted to mention the font on your blog is minute. You really need a magnifying glass to see and read it. I did the control + about 4 times. Not sure if you're seeing it diffferently then those who visit; thought I'd mention it. It's probably a setting on your blog?

  7. Very cool! What a great use of nature!

  8. First, love the hair. Must make you feel great having a beautiful cut. I have crap hair so no matter what I do it is, well for lack of a better word crap! Love the crochet and shell combo, very creative. How long is it and what are you going to do with it? As for bagging, you can bag anything you like it is your blog and I will be here to listen. Have a great day,

  9. I love that seashell necklace; it's beautiful and so original!

    I used to ALWAYS finish a book I started, but after one excruciating read by Ayn Rand, I stopped that. Life's too short to read bad books.

  10. I love your hair!!
    And that garland is so cool and unique!

  11. Your new garland is fantastic! And I know how you feel about abandoning a book mid-read. I always feel a sense of guilt too. But then I remember that there are always more books to read than time to read them!

  12. Interesting idea! I like how the garland turned out.

  13. Yet again, another marvellous, original idea from you- a crochet shell garland!!
    I loves it.
    I also loves the haircut. I'd imagined you with dark hair (not sure why) so it's funny to see you as a lovely blonde!
    Have a great week.

  14. lovely hair cut...pretty pretty garland and ooooh i wish i was at that beach right now!
    love jooles x

  15. that garland is amazinggggg! i love it! you're so clever!

  16. Just catching up here ... it's amazing how much you miss once you start having computer troubles.

    Loving the shell garland :D

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