Wednesday, 15 February 2012

More Button Advice Please Dear Readers

Happy Wednesday. I hope you had a lovely Tuesday.

I had a lovely day, got some lovely gifts from the husband, which I'll show you shortly, and we went to see J.Edgar. Which we really enjoyed.

My, he was a complicated man! !!
Yes,  I realise that is a massive understatement.
I would definitely recommend the movie- it was quite long, but amazingly engrossing.

I've been playing around with making different things lately. This is going to become some fusion bunting.

Fusion bunting?
I can't believe I just called it that!!!

For some reason I am really enjoying making these little triangles lately, and I am loving how the material matches so perfectly with the yarn.

I've been making quite a few things lately. This is going to become a cowl for my giveaway. I am really loving working with this yarn. It's the lovely New Zealand wool I got in my Valentines swap.

And, if you don't mind, I would really value some advice from you in relation to the buttons to use for the fastening at the end.

I am amazed that I was actually able to narrow it down to three choices, but it's here that I have become stuck!!

So, if you could, I would really appreciate you advice on whether I should choose...........

Button Number One??

Button Number Two?

 or Button Number Three?

Thanks, it's driving me crazy trying to decide.
So, on to the Yarn Along with Ginny this week I'm reading another book by Denise Mina, a Scottish author I love! This is no exception, and I am just wishing I had more time at the moment to read it.

 And lastly, I will leave you with some pictures of one of my Valentines Day presents, this adorable tin my honey gave me, I took far too many pictures of it sparkling in the sun, because it made me so happy looking at it.

At the moment it contains an iCarly toy my youngest put in there as a valentines gift for me, but I plan to fill it with buttons.

Hope the rest of your week is fantastic, and filled with sparkles!


  1. Button Number ....drum roll please...3 The cowl looks so snug. I love your valentines present too, how thoughtful :)

  2. The brown woody ones! Lovely with the grey wool.

  3. love the wooden buttons :-) x

  4. Button Number One for me please! I don't bother with buttonholes on my cowls. I sew up the seam and then sew the buttons in place - no buttonholes required! Beautiful wool too. Nice job.

  5. oops - forgot to say, the box is beautiful.

  6. Nice cowl, I would go with the wooden buttons, was that the natural colour against the grey, just perfect (IMO) lovely tin, how exciting to fill it with buttons!

  7. Buttons number two - the wooden ones, they look - in my mind - the best.

  8. I say the wooden ones...#2! The cowl looks great!

  9. What a pretty colored cowl!! I'd have to say Button #2, those wood colors just pop against the grey!! Lovely!

  10. Ooo... I like option 3. The bunting is totally cute too!

  11. My two cents...I vote for button number 1.
    The Beauty of Eclecticism

  12. Button No. 1!! Your cowl looks amazing! Have a fab week hon.

  13. Button No 3! The cowl looks fab and your bunting is gorgeous!

  14. Button's #1 for sure. They look very classy against the wool.That tin is gorgeous!

  15. I vote 3 all the way, I like the contrast. You are a lucky girl to get such lovely things, and I am sure I will win the give away so button 3 please.
    Happy Thursday,

  16. I like button number 2 best - both the texture and the colour :) x

  17. I love the bunting! Num one....... have a lovely weekend.

    Lou xxx

  18. Button number 2 for me :) I just discovered your blog and thought I'd stop by and say 'hello' x

  19. Wooden ones, I think.
    Or, maybe you could go for the eclectic look and have one of each!
    Anyhoo, it looks super-gorgeous and snuggly warm- how can you bear to give it away?!
    BTW am loving the fusion bunting. Very, verrrrry cool.
    Enjoy your weekend, my lovey.

  20. i'm loving that toile print! i'd vote for button set #2! i love a good wooden button.


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