Friday, 17 February 2012

Fusion Bunting Reveal!

Things I never thought I would do Pre Blogging (P.B.)

1. Have a blog!

2. Make Bunting!

3. Refer to said bunting as *Fusion Bunting!

4. Take said Fusion Bunting outside for a photo shoot.

5. Blog about taking the Fusion Bunting outside for a photo shoot

6. Remark on experiences P.B. and A.B. by way of my blog.

7.  Become strangely addicted to exclamation marks!

 Since I first began to crochet again, I have had a yen to mix crochet and fabric. Since I cannot sew, at all, except for the ability to do rudimentary hand stitching that looks like a five year old child learning the basics, I think I have always yearned for fabric as the final frontier.

Early on I bought one of those sharp hooks that can pierce material, however had only used it once to make this cushion I made from a tea towel. 

When I saw the amazing work that Silly Old Suitcase has done, I knew this would be the way i could finally combine the fabric I had begun collecting, with my love of crochet. And thus..........I present to you my fusion bunting!!

I am totally loving it!

And I am totally aware that I enjoyed my *photo shoot with it far, far too much!! 

This has started something that may have become an obsession for me. Now I have discovered Rosehip's beautiful and amazing crochet edged pillowcases, I know in my heart, that pillowcases will be my next frontier.

If you have not seen either Silly Old Suitcase's or Rosehip's amazing, beautiful, inspirational blogs then you should go there now. Well, after you finish reading this, at least.... after you've left me a nice comment telling me about your day, then you should go right there

OK, strap yourself to you seat, or wherever it is you're reading this, and prepare for lots of photos of my bunting taking a wander around my garden.

Oh, if you're interested in how I made this, I downloaded a triangle proforma from the internet, used it to trace around and cut triangles from fabric, used the sharp crochetty hook thing to crochet through and around the triangles, then did a really basic edgy stitch into the base stitch, then joined them all together., (I'm not very good at tutorials, or how-to's)

And here is the Buntings final resting place.

You knew I had a thing about deer right!!
My bedroom wall should not come as a surprise then!

I hope your weekend is splendid, and that you do something slightly odd, that gives you mucho happiness, such as having a bunting photo shoot.


  1. I'm always glad of the fact that our neighbours are seldom there as it allows me to indulge in jumping around my garden like the paparazzi taking photos of things I've the bunting, I really want one of those pointy hooks, I've seen som lovely things done with them.

  2. Thank you so much for your sweet compliment!
    Your bunting looks cute, it's always nice to inspire people to make pretty things ;-)

    have a nice weekend,
    Silly Old Suitcase

  3. You sure love your bunting!...and rightly so, it's beutiful!Well done you. I too am addicted to exclamation marks!I wait until my neighbours go out before I venture into the garden to take pics....they already think I'm daft as a brush without me reinforcing it!Good weekend to you and your beautiful bunting.x

  4. Ha ha love it! Beautiful pic's of your buntings travel's.xx

  5. Spiffing bunting!
    Looks lovely in the garden and in your bedroom too.
    Clever sausage, aren't you?!

  6. I love photo shoots of all my projects. My kids think I am a bit wacky always taking photos of crochet or knitting. Love your bunting. I think I need one of those sharp crochet hooks now.
    Have a great weekend,

  7. Thank you for introducing me to 'Fusion' crochet, I heard it here first ;)

  8. I am loving your fushion bunting!! I've never seen that before, how clever!! The deer on your wall look fab too, how did you do that??

    Thank you for the lovely comment, I am rather pleased with my new header, thank goodness for photo editing eh?

    Hope you are having a good weekend
    Louise xx

  9. aahhh bless your heart i can just feel your excitment you had taking photo's of your fushion bunting what a gorgeous garden you have and your fushion bunting is amazing and so pretty, i love the idea and crochet and fabric ;-) Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving such a lovely comment im glad you appreciated my crazy crochet blanket ;-)) Isn't crochet fun ;-) Enjoy the rest of your weekend i will look forward to seeing your next project. dee x

  10. Your trees look so lush - you must live in the Southern Hemisphere.

    Isn't it funny how blogging prompts you to do things you've never done before? I've had the same experience.

    Beautiful bunting, and I really like that fabric.

  11. Fun! I've yet to try "fusion" crochet! I've lusted after rosehips pillows for a long long time!!!!!!

  12. LOL..i am so your blog

  13. too funny! there are many things I frequently can't believe I'm doing, thanks to blogging...
    I need to tackle this edging palava next - so off to bookmark those blogs you mentioned...
    nice to see you over at mine
    fee x

  14. gorgeous bunting :o)
    you made me laugh, i seem to have become addicted to smiley faces :o)...see!
    i'm off to blog hop now...thanks
    love jooles x

  15. Wohaa - that´s just lovely, I want to make these myself! :-)

  16. lol, the things we do for blogging!!!!!! :0))))))) ;) fantastic bunting...

    Lou xxx

  17. Great bunting! And your blog always makes me smile so I am nominating you for the Versatile Blogger award if you'd like it :-)

  18. i think i love fusion bunting! i spent the whole day thrifting and i think have some good materials to make my own <3


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