Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Happy Things we have done this week!

Happy Things we have done this week.

1. Had a fairy tea party for breakfast on the veranda.

Sat in the sunshine with my little girl and big girl, and my honey. Ate french toast with grated apple. Drank rosey tea from the Wiggles teapot, carefully poured by the smallest one.

2. Enjoyed these tulips

3. Played around making some more hats with ears.

I had bought the lighter yarn, thinking I would love it, but it was rather thin, so I compromised by mixing it with this lovely plain pink yarn. I really like how it turned out.

4. Bought lots and lots of mohair in rainbow hues  at a ridiculously priced sale

5. Starting a yellow hat for the smallest daughter. (Her favourite Disney princess is Belle, and subsequently;y everything MUST be in yellow!!))

6. Finishing said Belle hat.
 (Unfortunately then discopvering that it's "too scratchy" to wear!!)

7. Reading this book, and making these squares.

Linking in with Ginny at Small Things and Tami's Amis

8. Hoping that everyone reading this is having a lovely lovely day!


  1. I like the two yarns together, makes it look pearlescent doesn't it? Looks like there has been a frenzy of hat making going on, they're lovely!

  2. Looks like you are having a lovely week. Your little one pouring tea is adorable.
    Hugs to you,

  3. Ah this is such a cute post my love. Well done on being so crafty, those hats are fab and I love the fairy tea party for breakfast. I want to do things like that on the beach this summer.
    Lots of love and thanks for all your kindness over at mine, as always.

  4. Pretty tulips. And the Monet painting...we got to see a traveling exhibit at our Cincinnati (Ohio) Art Museum last week! Bridges, waterlilies...

  5. What a wonderful weekend you all had :)

  6. What a lovely week you've had! The hats are very cute. Because you are a crotcheter, I thought you also might be interested in checking out my site today for a chance to win something.

    I'm giving away some a crochet book set with yarn, hooks, etc. on my site today. You can check it out at-

  7. Very nice texture from pairing those two yarns together. Definitely adds another something special to that hat!

  8. What a wonderful post! I love all the happy in it. The hats are all gorgeous!

  9. What a wonderful tea party you had!
    Your hats are lovely too, I wish I was as clever!
    Sarah x

  10. Lovely sunny days,Your hats are sooo cute! xxx

  11. Loving the hats with ears very very cute. All the yarn colours look fab.

    Your tea party sounds delightful :)

  12. Ooh, such a lovely post full of all good things..your sunny breakfast on the veranda sounds perfect and I love your pretty tulips and crochet work...Maybe one day I will find the time to learn..I live in hope!
    Wishing you a lovely weekend,
    Susan x

  13. I'll say it again, missus- how do you find the time to do all these lovely things?!!
    Loving the cute hats.

  14. awww fairy tea parties are the best!

  15. Also loving the hats with ears! Are they easy to make? That is a great effect with the two yarns combined. *thumbsup*

  16. Those hats are fab! :0)

    Lou xxx

  17. I like the effect of using two different yarns together! :D I do that now, gives a great feeling!

  18. A lovely post... That little pink teapot is just too cute!...I want one hehe x
    I'm loving the hats with ears too....especially the pink one, a great idea to combine the two yarns!!
    Thanks for the lovely comment you left on my recent post :-)

    Much love xx


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