Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Card-tastic Map-a-licous Fun

I've not got too much chat this week. It's been a week of too's.

Too much work, too much stress, too little time......

So I think that today I'm going to let the pictures do the talking.
Here are some cards I've been playing around with making.

this was made by Little Miss Four while I made my cards

these birds demanded I photograph them

More sunny fusion bunting

my deer will one day rule the world

Linking in with Tami's and Ginny

Hopefully normal service will be resumed shortly


  1. Hope your 'too's turn to 'little's

    Love your map pictures, especially the first clip about the picture in your head. I'm like that with music a bit, there's always a tune in my head, sometimes something I've heard, sometimes just my own song.

  2. Loving the map pictures, I adore maps!

  3. Love your cards especially the toadstool one! keep well,love jxxx

  4. I've always thought that someone should silkscreen fabric with local maps so that I could have a button-down map shirt. Weird, huh? So your cards have really struck a chord with me.

    Those birds were absolutely demanding to be photographed. Good thing you took care of it!

  5. Love your cards and new bunting. Sorry about your week of ,"too's". I think every week is like that and I am frankly getting worn down. Need to find some time to crochet.
    Hugs to you,

  6. Great shots of those birds and i do love your bunting. Enjoy the rest of your week, dee ;-)

  7. A post of gorgeousness! I especially love the deer and the bunting (you've set me off thinking about whether my house might need some more bunting, now!)
    Emily x

  8. Creative cards - these look like something I would swap on swap-bot. I like your bunting - never thought of crocheting on the edge of upcycled material - lots of ideas twirling in my head at the moment.

  9. I loved all of your pictures! I hope things are less stressful for you over the weekend.

    Lou xxx

  10. Those pictures are fun - i love the combination of backgrounds with the images and words!
    Love the cheerful crochet edged bunting!

    Sounds like you need that lie in!

    Gill xx

  11. ohhhhh. the new layout is classy. i'm loving your mixed media work <3


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