Monday, 13 February 2012

Valentines day Swaps Part Two

yes, I'm still obsessed with this awesome calendar from Kate at Signed with an owl
So, yesterday, with impeccable timing, the last of my Valentines day swaps arrived. This one was from the lovely Natalie, at Sylvia Louise handbags

I was quite excited to find this amazing felt deer, the cute little crochet heart, and some delicious sweets.

The card was extremely cute, which you would expect, given that Natalie has an Etsy card, which I blogged about here.

These were a hit with Daughter No 2, as was the awesome Grow Your Own Valentine. She was extremely excited, and we have already "planted" it.

I was so excited with the deer, that I immediately hung him on the wall adjacent to my computer, so i can see him whilst I'm doing bloggy activities. I'm getting quite the nice little blog area now in my work-space, adorned with the lovely things I've received from fellow bloggers. Such a happy thing to look around and see all the lovely things.

Apologies for the out of order sequencing, and the poor photos today, it's 5:30 AM here and I'm still half asleep.

And now it's Valentines day here, I hope you have a lovely day.
I've made a homemade Doctor Who card for my honey, and we're going to see J.Edgar after work today.

I hope your day is filled with happiness, whatever you do


  1. Ah, what a lovely post!!! You got some very gorgeous presents, lucky you!
    LOVE the deer!
    x x x x x

  2. Cute cute Valentines Day things.. Great swap stuff

  3. Oooh what a great swap, lots of lovely things to make you smile.

    That deer pic is wonderful, very striking and nice to hang in your own little space......

    Love the Dr. Who card very funny......

    Claire :}

  4. Happy Valentine days to you and your family....

  5. Lots of lovely things. Loving the Doc Who card and so envious you're going to see J Edgar. Let us know whether you enjoyed it?

  6. Lovely swap and cards. Happy Valentine's Day Sweet friend.

  7. cute stuff, I really dig the Doctor Who Valentines.

  8. ahhh love the dr who card...made me laugh.
    gorgeous swappings!
    love jooles x


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