Friday, 6 January 2012

some crochet and a look at the nerd stuff in my house

I know!! 
Three posts in one week!! 
What the??
But I'm on holidays remember. Which is also perhaps the reason for the random nature of today's post. Apologies in advance.
Also apologies to all the models etc that are owned by the various nerds in my family, Daughter No 1, Son, and Husband.
Anyway, where was I?
OK, last night, I was watching telly, I believe it was Green Wing, which I am rapidly becoming addicted to. I could not be bothered thinking about what to crochet next, and was just mukking about with some lovely squishy new wool I had bought, and made this little keyring holder thingumabob. It's just a round ball, that I filled with stuffing.
Problem is, it's a bit tricky to photograph, so I asked some of the lads and ladies belonging to aforementioned nerds in my house to model for me.
Most refused, but I can be quite forceful.
what is this ridiculous little wool thing?

I like it. Can I stab it?

I'm going to keep it in a dark cave

I'm Hugh Jackman, and I love anything crocheted

they are both so beautiful, I just can't choose, the baby or the keyring???

what did you say???

I like this so much I'm going to do the splits

we love crochet, but we worry that everyone we know will want us to make scarves if they know it's our secret love 

my husband and son both make and paint warhammer, sorry, but I cant think of a caption for this

time travelling crochet keyring

All right, that's us done, goodbye from myself and all the nerdy stuff in my house.


  1. Great models for your crochet! Enjoy your holiday.
    xo Susan

  2. Whahahaha, I seriously LOL'ed over 'I'm Hugh Jackman, and I love crochet'.

  3. İnterensing. So cute with all objects..

  4. So glad you are having such a great time and as for the models in today's post you are cracking me up. By the way love all your new yarn and your tree pictures. Have a great weekend,

  5. I love it! See what happens when we have too much time on our hands!

  6. Your thingemebob, is fab, I love messing about and just creating something! Love your models :) and great taste in books too, I read all the Rankin ones when my frst was born!

  7. Hi I found your blog via Crochet Therapy & I love it! The key ring post is really funny. Why don't you join in the Granny A Day 2012 - it's not too late and the more the merrier!


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