Friday, 6 January 2012

Holiday in Cambodia (or Australia if you want to be literal!!!)

Have I mentioned I'm on holidays?

Have I mentioned I am super enjoying them??

Today we went to a nearby mountain. (It happens to be where we got married actually)

abseiling gnomes

It is a cute place, filled with hippy style shops, and lots of fairy shops to suit impressionable young fairy loving four year olds, one of whom I just happened to have with me.

this photo was taken by the four year old

We went on a bushwalk, which was awesome.

And instead of crocheting on the way home as is my wont, I played around with filters and contrasts etc on the photos

Hope your week is lovely and awesome!!!


  1. Just letting you know I stopped by. Looks like you had a wonderful time. I love the photos..

  2. Awesome pictures from the bushwalk!

  3. That tree with all the vines...or are those part of the branches? is REALLY beautiful...looks like a wonderful day!

  4. what a magical place! i'm jealous!

  5. Love the black and White trees, the large tree reminded me of the trees in Lord of the Rings.


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