Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Cuddly Cushion Unveiling and Back to the Beginning

Happy 3rd of January to you. Hope the New Year is treating you well.
To help you celebrate the third of this lovely New Year, I thought I would show you this colourful new cushion I have finally finished.

For some reason this feels like it has taken forever to complete.
This has been an experiment for me where I have consciously not planned the colour combinations, and have just tried to use up odds and ends of scrap yarn. I actually think this experiment has proven that it works better when I plan, that free flowing colour combos don't necessarily work for me. I still love the cushion but.

You would have thought I would be happy to have used up so much yarn, however I chose to celebrate by popping out and buying bags and bags of more yarn.

Yes it felt good!!!
Then I had to wind it into balls

So there's the cushion unveiling sorted, now on to the "back to the beginning" component of today's post.

I posted on Monday about joining in with Pip's Do One Good Thing a day. It has really got me thinking about why I started this blog in the first place.

One of the motivating factors for me beginning this blog, was the intention of making it  a 365 gratitude style blog, where every day i would take a photo of something I felt grateful for. (Thus the name of the blog!!)

 Clearly, daily blogging has not worked out for me, and I also feel like I haven't focused on the marking and charting gratitude as much as I would like.
So my intention is to go back to telling you something I am grateful for each time I post.
Today I am grateful I have finished this cushion, and that I have the endless possibilities of what to make next open in front of me.

I am also grateful i am on holidays and have time to read, which nicely segues me into linking in with Ginny at Small Things for the Yarn Along
I am reading Denise Mina's first book in the Garnet Hill trilogy. It has taken me a while to feel the love with this one, but I am definitely getting there, and enjoying the suspense now. It doesn't help that I got a great cache of books for Christmas, and really want to finish this quickly so I can start on them. (Yes, I have lots of rules for myself, and can't stop a book halfway through just because I have an awesome one waiting in the wings)
Anyhoo, It's a good read, set in Glasgow, and as I mentioned, quite suspenseful.

Also, I made some flower bunting

Talk soon


  1. I love the colourful cushion and the pretty flower bunting x

  2. nice cussion, I think the colours work realy well. I love the flower bunting too

  3. I think the cushion is beautiful and as you said, you got to use up lots of odds and ends. thank you for commenting on my blog. I have just got back from the station and feel quite sick. I hate goodbyes!! xxx

  4. Your crochet cushion is very well. Colors are so soft. I like crochet cushions very much. And I think crochets seem home warm and sweet. Best wishes...

  5. It looks like a lovely, comfy cushion- and bright for the wintery season ;)

  6. i like the colors of the cushion! i thinks it's swell :-)

    as for blogging, it just sort of turns into it's own thing, doesn't it? you almost just sit back and watch evolve into something. i have all sorts of plans and ideas written down, but it seems my best post are the ones written on the fly.

  7. Sweeeeeet cushion!

    Now, about that do one good thing a day thing. You did a good thing for me a while back. That middle of the night email was a Very Good Thing. I'll always remember it.

    Now as for grateful, you know what I'm going to say don't you? I'm grateful for the laughter that bubbles inside me when I picture..........

    ........PETULA the Scary Doll!!!


  8. Your cushions looks great and what a bonus to use up lots of odds of yarns. I'm not great at going with the flow with colours either, I like a good plan.
    What a great way to celebrate using up all that yarn by buying more, thats a good reason to be grateful!

  9. I really must make a cushion- yours is gorgeous.Thanks for the inspiration.

  10. Nice squishy cushion :) I did not plan the colours for the 'Ripple' I am working on...I just thought 'Black and Brights' hmmm I am not sure that not planning works for me. It is worse though if I spend ages to get 'Orrible' colour combinations. I love you concept of 'being grateful' thanks for the reminder...every time I visit your blog I will think about it :) x

  11. I am grateful for lovely comments on my blog when I need a few words of sympathy, so consider that another good deed done!
    Am loving the bags you showcased a couple of posts ago... is that your own pattern? Really nice!
    and well done on your stripey cushion. I know what you mean about colour plans but sometimes the just getting-on-and-making of something is what counts. x

  12. I love your cushion! How wonderful.

  13. what a lovely post x
    your cushion is beautiful, well done you and Oh my all that lovely new yarn!
    love jooles x
    p.s i am grateful for your blog :o)

  14. So wonderful! Thanks so much for linking up and sharing!



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