Sunday, 8 January 2012

Men of Crochet 2012

Just to clarify this is not some type of men of crochet calender with strategically placed bits of wool.
This is a shout out to all the men who crochet or knit or do amazing crafts, and don't get stuck in gender stereotypes.
A caveat right at the beginning. I was inspired by  stole this idea from Katie and Reuben at House of Humble, and Cuckoo with her crocheting husband, and my own lovely darling who I taught to chain.

Chain stitch was however as far as we got, and he did actually say the other day that he has forgotten how to do it. But still, he tried it.

Anyway, I thought I would devote today's post to telling you about the men I know/know of who crochet or knit, and who blog about it.

Firstly we have one of my favourite bloggers Robbie at knitxcore.
Robbie makes the most amazing things, and I always love reading his blog. It's positive, upbeat,delightful,  and has the most amazing things to look at. Always. And he makes crazy good stuff.
This is my favourite quote on Robbie's About Me page:
I remember being 9 or 10 years old and spray painting straw hats white on my grandma's lawn. We were making funny little decorated refrigerator magnets to sell at craft fairs. I looked at my grandma, a popsicle stick angel, and asked her if I would ever be lucky enough to make things as a career. She put down her can and said this, "Creating isn't something you do to make money; it’s something you do to be happy".
I love this, it's just beautiful. And so is his blog- check it out!
You'll be pleased you did.

Next up is Raynor at The Shy Lion
His blog is awesome.He crochets, knits, and does heaps of other crafty stuff, and again, his blog is a delight to read.

Lastly, we have Reuben, who along with his partner Katie blogs at House of Humble. Their blog is amazing. And super cute. You will feel 100 degrees cosier after reading it. And it was one of Reuben s posts on being a man who crochets that inspired this post. And that same post introduced me to both Robbie and Raynor, who I now love to read!!

 Crochet, knitting and any type of craft is good. It makes you feel good. And it reduces stress and tension. It makes people happy to look at. It makes you happy when you finish something. And that should be what counts, not gender.

I love seeing men crochet or knit. (Not in a creepy madwoman way- more in a defying ridiculous gender stereotypes way).

I would love to hear about other bloggers or peeps you know who crochet or knit.
Do you know/know of any?


  1. I'm not sure if I was disappointed or relieved there were no naked men with balls of wool covering their dignity!

    My hubby goes so far as to humour me, and when he says he's bored I suggest he gives crochet a try, but he hasn't yet!

    Good on those that do!

  2. I only know the blog 'Men Crochet 2', have you heard of that one?

  3. I don't know of any male crafter's but thank you for sharing the blogs - will have a peek at them later.

    Have a lovely week x

  4. I loved this post and really enjoyed the blogs you linked too thanks. I think men knitting and doing crochet is very cool, I have a seven year old and he shows lots of enthusiasm for my yarny pursuits and a few of his own...he has an eye for lovely colours and fibre for spinning. :)

  5. awww! how sweet! thank you <3 i'm sure raynie and reubs are equally as pleased :-)

  6. Dontcha just fancy him all the more with a hook and a bit of yarn in his hand!!

  7. Fabulous. Thanks for introducing these crafty guys - crochetdude, krochetkids, and craftyandy are some popular guys who crochet - I came across craftyandy's blog one day and had to follow him.

  8. Brilliant post. I discovered Cleggy was secretly jealous when Cuckoo posted Mr C crocheting a goat because he mentioned it...months later!
    Off to seek these guys out on your reccommendation.
    fee x
    (that calender would be fun...)

  9. Robbie's right! I am pleased! Very chuffed indeed. Thank you so much for featuring me; so kind and lovely! ^_~

  10. and the shy lion is going to teach me to crochet!


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