Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Oh Deer- Fahlula's gone to pieces!!


This is Fahlula. She has been named by  Cuckoo who has kindly been helping out as my unofficial mentor with this whole doll making business.
She has suggested that as all my dolls have turned out disturbingly creepy to date, that I make that my thing, or USP. So thanks Cuckoo. And I am now naming her Fahlula after you in a weird Rumpelstiltskinish way.
(BTW has anyone been watching Once Upon A Time? I love it, and am hooked- crochet pun!)

gratuitous tree photo

So Fahlula is going to be an ugly doll. A really ugly doll!!
But she is still in the waiting to be sewn together stages, because I have dollmakers block.
And in my heart I still have a faint belief that she will not turn out to look like a hunchbacked zombie whose mother really really hated her.
But, I. Will.Finish.Her.

In other making news, I have been playing around with some of the many many old atlases I have bought due to my obsession with old maps and making stuff out of them.

My dad used to work at a publishing firm that made atlases, and I spent school holidays going to work with him, and being allowed to use the developing and photography equipment there. Remembering it was the eighties, I used to do such arty things as cut pictures of the gang from the Outsiders, insert a picture of myself in the middle, and then take a photo of that, and develop it. They looked ridiculous!!!
Really really ridiculous! But at the time I may have thought that I was at the cutting edge of post modern Art!
(I may have also done the same with pictures of Duran Duran in an attempt to make it look like I was "one of the band")

Wow, that was a big diversion from what I started to say which was that I made this deer, and I love it.
I am quite fond of deer, but will not go into that whole backstory or no one will be left reading this.
 Not because it's weird or depraved, more because it's just boring!
Look! More Deer!

Like the tea towel I used as a backdrop? It was in perfect condition and is a vintage Australian Rodeo tea towel.
I have no idea what bull dogging is!!

In more holiday news I have been doing lots of this...

 It has been very very hot around these parts. Ridiculously so.

this is my brother, I almost captured the action shot- but not quite!

So finally on to theYarn Along with Ginny at Small Things. I am reading the latest Sue Grafton book in her alphabet series. I love it, it's such an easy and enjoyable read, these books are like picking up old friends to me.
And making, obviously the lovely Fahlula....

And lastly, I was lucky enough to win these amazing cards from Becky at Strumpets Crumpets 

 I love Becky's blog, and she makes some amazingly adorable stuff, including these cards. 

Thanks Heaps for these Becky, they combine two of my favourite loves, Christmas and scrabble!!
So I will leave you my favourite card, and the hopes that your day and week is also.....


  1. Lovely post - nothing wrong with a healthy obsession with paper (I think I've pinned a couple of things where maps have been used - love it)

    Green for your weather. V v grey here.

    And ugly dolls are ace - ugly beautiful.
    Have a good day...fee x
    (wonder if Mr C knows how inspiring he was!)

  2. Can't wait to see how your doll turns out (the way she's posed in the first picture, I thought it was supposed to be a skeleton!)

  3. Awwww, there's Fahlula and her puddle of limbs. Must say you are doing a great job on upping the spooky stakes. Maybe it's the skeletal appearance and the glowing eyes.... Good work my deer (that could be my most clever sentence, works in so many ways)


  4. Loving the usp idea, good job so far!

    Your deer is brilliant, the shape is fantastic, clever you! The reindeer I made were really odd looking and you really only guessed they were reindeer as they had antlers!

  5. I'm sure Fahula will come along nicely...doesn't look a bit horrendous right now....your friend's blog is beautiful! Those Scrabble letter cards are awesome...do you like to play Scrabble? I recently started playing it online (through Facebook) with my sister.....and am addicted!

  6. Awww, my lovely- your dolls are cute!
    I found this amazing way to attach heads to bodies, by using a big safety eye (see By Hook, By Hand's blog for more info)- saves all the messing around with stitching and means your doll has a swivel head!!
    I look forward to seeing her finished!

  7. i ADORE that deer! too too much. it's perfect!

  8. :) awww so stoked you got the cards! I suppose you'll have to save them for next year! haha! Sorry the mail isn't faster!

  9. What a sweet deer! ;-)

    I love the colours of this post and it's great you take part in Ginny's Yarn Along too. I've only just started but I really enjoy seeing what everybody else is knitting/crocheting up!

    Have a beautiful week!

    See you soon.


  10. Congratulations, you are a winner in my giveaway!!! Could you please email me your address, and some of your favorite colors so I can personalize your gift a little bit? Thank you!!

  11. aw the deer is amazing!! and fingers crossed Fahlula turns out ok! x

  12. loving fahlulas pink hair! v. envious of all that sand and big skies (sigh).....♥


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