Friday, 20 January 2012

Fahlula's Finally Finished!!! and she celebrates by a trip to the seaside

Well it's done!
She's finished, and................... as expected she's creepy as!
She looks a bit like a female Joker with pink hair.

We went away to a lovely island for a week, and it was there that I finished her.

yes, she was very disappointed by the sign
about to have her wig attached

I had to make her a shawl to cover up the dreadful sewing that attached her puddle of limbs to her head
I thought I would celebrate her conclusion by taking her for a wander to the beach.

Here she is on her first foray to the foreshore as a finally finished friendly doll.

catching some rays, don't worry, she had sunscreen on

also, to be truthful, there were very few sunrays to be caught that day

It was a very windy day when I took her to the beach, it had been raining for two days, and this was the first break in the rain we had got. 
I was absolutely terrified someone would come upon me taking photos of a strange little crocheted doll on the beach and think that the strange little doll had a strange little owner!!

Luckily Fahlula and I had the beach to ourselves that day.

The whole week was extremely relaxing and so enjoyable. There was no internet. 
We swam lots, relaxed lots, ate lots, read lots, and I crocheted a fair amount. Even the rain was nice as it forced us to stay in and do lots of the aforementioned activities

 I got lots done on my beach blanket. I thought it was appropriate to pack this, as I have been working on this on and off for some time. I had shelved it recently as it's getting too big and bulky, and it's really hot here at the mo. I was planning on bringing it back out in Winter, but on a whim decided to bring it, and was so glad I did.

I call it my beach blanket as when I chose the colours, they reminded me of the colours of the sea and sand and trees.

I love the way you can see the shadows of the leaves of the  lemon tree on the blanket.

Daughter No 2 picked me this flower, which perfectly matched the blanket.

One morning as I walked to the beach for my early morning walk, I saw this chap on the middle of the road!!

I walked lots and lots this holiday. And in each walk it seemed the sky and sea were more and more beautiful and dramatic. I took two thousand  a few to share with you.

 Are you still here?
Nice work persevering!!!. 
So, on to the gratefulness, I am grateful that I was able to go away with the people I love to a beautiful place and relax and be very very happy!!

On a sad note, one of our dogs died whilst we were away. We had two Labradors, Sammy and Lucy, who I bought for my two eldest 7 years ago, and they have been part of our family since.
Sadly Sammy died whilst we were away. My son had stayed at home, and found her. It was very sad for all of us, most of all for Lucy, who lost her sister.

Anyhoo, it's lovely to be back, and I will leave you with daughter No 2's favourite song of the moment. She has quite sophisticated tastes in music, and despite having the full gamut of Wiggles, bananas in pajamas, and other assorted childrens soundtracks available to her, has very diverse music tastes.
This is her current fave.
She loves it, and so do I

See you later alligators


  1. Fahlulah is looking fab-U-lous!!!
    I am liking the wig very much- they're fun to make, too. She looks like she had a lovely time with you at the beach. Any more doll-making coming up? I think they have so much character!
    Great blanket- lovely colours too.
    Thanks for the link to that song- she has a beautiful voice, doesn't she?
    Loved reading this post- keep it up, Missus!
    Have a great weekend.

  2. Fahlula! What a Diva. Didn't she have a great time? My son thought she was funny posing by the 'No Nude Bathing sign'. Fahlula looked so tempted. Her shawl was practically off! I really think she needs some 'Girlfriends' and maybe the 'odd' boyfriend! I am glad you had a great week. Taking photographs and crocheting. So sorry to here about 'Sammy' that is very sad. X

  3. Fahlula looks like she is having a fantastic time at her photo shoot on the beach. She must feel like a real celebrity.

    So sorry to hear of your loss, dogs are such amazing creatures.

    Hugs to you,

  4. Loving your doll - what an individual!! And those beach photos are just gorgeous - a breath of summer sunshine on a particularly wet and windy UK winter day :-) x

  5. What a cute little thing! :D And those sea pics are gorgeous!

  6. Btw, who's the singer, really great voice. Reminds me a little of Cerys Matthews...not sure that you'd hav heard of her over there, but she's a Welsh singer, from a band called Catatonia...famous song...ummm, she did one with Tom Jones (?) ah, she also did a song called Road Rage....anyway, your probably thinking what am I whiterring about...just thought your daughter might like her too...and incidentally her family live around here...

  7. My first comment has totally relay again....

    Really sorry about Sammy, how sad for you all.

    Love all you've don on hols, Fahlula is looking very demure in her wrap! Love the beach towel, great colours.

    Best bit, I love the beach pics....just the sort of thing I like to paint, lots of clouds and light.

    Chester is definitely part fact I do think you should take more responsibility, maybe by letting him out at 4am for his wee?x

  8. love Fahlula and those skies...WOW but the expression on the crab beat it sure to pop in to my crochet blog for a chance to win my give away and leave a comment..Debb

  9. Pretty hair...Fahlula looks like she had a lovely time at the beach...I'm a tad jealous.
    Your stripe blanket looks beautiful...hanging from the tree. And "Hey ya" is a sweet song...thanks for sharing!!!

  10. Where do I even begin? I think the easiest way to comment is with bullet points. haha.

    -Your vacation looks perfect! What a beautiful place!

    -i love your doll's hair. Had I known that you could crochet wigs, I would have picked up a hook a long time ago.

    -sarah blasko is my dreamgirl!

    and on a more somber note...

    -i'm sorry to hear about your dog. it's hard to lose a pet you've had for so long. i cry when our fish die, and that's quite often. haha.


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