Monday, 12 December 2011

Christmas Presents Ta Dah Part One

I have been making Christmas presents on and off for the last six months, and whilst I have a few bits and bobs to finish off, am allowing myself to feel a wee bit smug.
This is what I've got to date.....

A rainbow striped Lucy style bag for my sister in law

You  can just see the lining peeking through in the above picture.  My Mum did an amazing job lining this bag for me, and she is still working on a few more for me- will show you when she's finished. I love that she even sewed in phone pouches, I would not have even thought of that detail!!

Next is a bag for a friend. I think of this one as her festival bag.
It's nice and slouchy and woodsy looking I think.

I am quite proud of this, as I sewed the lining myself. I just cut and kind of shaped and sewed an old silk wrap around skirt that I never wear. I love the contrast of the bright red inside with the muted neutrals outside.

I loved the yarn I used for this, was a beautiful thick wool that I really enjoyed working with.

Next up, we have my youngest brother and brother in laws presents.
My brother likes to cook, and my bro in law likes herbs, so I made them both culinary herb gardens.

They include: lemongrass. chives, parsley, rosemary, mint, coriander, oregano. I bought the herbs and the pots a few months ago as I wanted to establish them first, so they are hardy. I'm glad I did, as a few have died along the way, and have had to be replaced.
Strangely enough the long thin one has been the best, and is the home of the hardiest ones. I bought all the herbs at the same place, and potted with the same soil, the only difference was the pots, and clearly the long one is much better for keeping things alive.

And next stop on the journey is the fairy garden for my nieces. I have heaps of tiny china fairies I have been collecting that I will pop in to this garden at the last minute. Same principle as the herb garden, bought the flowers etc ages ago, and have been nurturing them.
I have also got paddle pop sticks to make fences, have made signs for each girls fairy territory, and tiny fairy houses to put everywhere.
Am realising now it may have helped to have taken a few photos of these, but will show you when all is put together.

And as a tie in with the fairy garden, I have written a book for my nieces. One day when they came to play with Daughter#2, I photographed them in fairy hunting poses that I thought I could loosely base a story around. I then wrote  a story, printed it and the photos out, and bound it . I decorated the pages with a few bits of lace and ribbon, to make it super pretty.
Here is the front page

This is one of the pages, please forgive the glue that hasn't yet dried on the lace.
The plot synopsis  is basically: a bunch of girls who like fairies somehow magically find some fairies who have been lost, and then the girls have a magic fairy garden for them to live in!!

And unbelievably, these same girls are getting a fairy garden for Christmas!!!
Product placement!!!

On a totally unrelated note, here is a cushion cover I am making. I am consciously trying not to choose the colours, but am just randomly choosing them.
I like how they look together so far.

Anyway, that's me done for the night,hope the beginning of your week is sublime.
 Over and out.

P.S Stay tuned for Part Two, in which I unveil yet more presents. Thankfully Daughter#1 is the only family member who knows of or reads this blog, and she is not getting anything handmade.


  1. Ha Ha I was just thinking to myself, you've ruined all these surprises for family, and then read that none of them read your blog so that's alright!!!
    I LOVE all your presents, what gorgeous ideas and how clever you are!!!
    MUST do this next year, def save money and more money and shows more thought has gone into the present.

  2. Looking forward to seeing the finished flower fairy garden! Noticed in the story ' Night night sleep tight don't let the bed bugs bight' - that is a ritual myself and Miss Ells (daughter) say to each other every night.

    Love all the crochet and the recycling of old clothes for lining.

    Leah x

  3. Such lovely & darling gifts that you are making. {sigh} They are all so heart-felt --- what a joy to receive them!

  4. Handmade gifts are the best! I would love to get that yellow and gray bag....or the herb garden. I've been wanting to make this yello/gray hat:
    It's the 3rd picture down. For 2 years now, I haven't forgotten about it. I'm just afraid it's going to be too hard...

  5. What beautiful and thoughtful presents! Love the stripy bag,been meaning to make one of these for ages, I love loads of colour :-) The fairy garden is a fab idea with the story to go with it. Well done you on being so super organised :-)
    Thanks for following my blog too, you got a new follower too.

    Lori x

  6. and so you should be feeling smug! the bags are great - have a lovely Christmas, and thank you so much for following my blog this year ♥

  7. WOW!!!! so prolific! you make me look like a slacker!

  8. Love both the bags, you did a fab job on the silk lining in the second one, I'm not sure I'd know where to start. The herb gardens are an inspired idea, clever of you to get them established. You should definitely feel smug, well done for being so organised....I am not there yet and won't be feeling smug this year, just tired from working round the clock!

    Congratulations on becoming an aunty again, how lovely, certainly a very good reason to be cheerful!

  9. Oh, blimey!
    I am just amazed again at how you find the time to make such lovely things. (And lucky, lucky recipients, may I say)
    I am loving the colours of your new cushion cover- and you know I love your little deer and her friends who appear in your photos, too! (I have a similar deer, who I'm sure is longing to be photographed next to some crochet!)
    Have a lovely weekend.

  10. Very beautiful Bags and great Blanket!

  11. Hiya, I have been nominated for a Blog Award and need to nominate others for it...I have nominated you...hope you don't mind xxx I love your Blog :)

  12. Goodness, although I am fashionably late for this party I am SO glad I turned up!

    Your gifts are amazingly beautiful and well thought. Those fairy gardens are just so imaginative and the BoOk! I wish I had known you when I was little. You would have provided so much inspiration.

    I love herb gardens and used to plant herbs in window boxes when we lived by the sea without a garden.

    Those bags; I love the striped one so much!

    I cannot wait for part 2 of the present reveal!

    Enjoy the last days before Christmas.

  13. You are very organised, and your presents are wonderful.
    I love making garden planters for presents but am normally making them the day before there needed, very wise to have got them settled. I made up a strawberry window box this year for my sisters birthday and she loved get them right through the summer.
    Hope you can relax and enjoy the next few days, look forward to part two.

  14. Such beautiful Ta-Das! Especially love those bags!And such great colors for the blanket!! :)

  15. Lovely presents! Merry Christmas and thank you for entering my competition, Mary x

  16. DEar friend, These crochet bags are so wonderful. I joined your nice blog and I am following your blog and your nice crochets. Merry christmas and a happy new year..


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