Wednesday, 7 December 2011

trees in water

I think the title of this post says it all. This is a post about trees in water.
On the weekend the smallest daughter and I went, as is our wont, to my parents to take advantage of their pool, and their pantry. For some reason whenever I go to my parents, I pig out on food from their pantry that I would never eat at home. Somehow because its at  my parents, it's OK! Go figure!!

What does you being a pig and eating your parents food have to do with trees and water I hear you ask??

We went for a swim, then my Dad suggested we take the tiny one for a walk to the duckpond, whcih is where we saw these amazing trees growing in the water.
They just amazed me with their beauty. So I took so many photos to show you all.

One might say too many photos...................

And lastly, as always on a Wednesday, I am doing the Yarn Along, and linking in with Ginny at Small Things.
Today I am making a new cushion cover, which I sized so incredibly wrongly that it's just not funny. 
Reading wise, I found another Camilla Luckberg- I am really enjoying this series.

It's raining here tonight, and I am now away to go and crochet and watch something that will numb my brain on the telly. Can't wait!!!


  1. What wondeful pictures,how amazing to see those trees growing in water.It really looks enchanting. thankyou for popping over to mine and for your birthday wishes.I hope you are having a great week,lots of love juliexxx

  2. We've had lots of rain here in Ohio, too...this morning we got a little snow (just a dusting really)!

  3. Beautiful pictures of the trees growing in the water. I love how the sun shines off the surface of the water, just lovely.

  4. What a nice sight to see with the ducks swimming away. In Florida we are noticing a lot more birds and ducks around because the real "snow birds" are in town for the winter. I could watch them all day.
    xo Susan

  5. Love your photos! They are beautiful. Thanks for visiting my blog. Happy crocheting!

  6. Wow - they look like regular deciduous trees, but they don't seem to mind being in the water. Don't give up on the cushion! ;)

  7. Beautiful trees.
    And no, not too many photos in my opinion!

  8. Camilla Läckberg is one of my favourite swedish authors - glad you like her! :-)


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