Wednesday, 9 November 2011

The Streets of My Town

Someone this week had a clip at the start of their blog, and asked that you played and listened to the song, whilst reading the blog post. (Apologies if it was you, I have over 100 blogs on my reader, and I have a memory like a goldfish), if it was you, and you read this, please leave a comment, so I can attribute you.
EDIT: it was Tabiboo, and you can find her post here

Anyhoo, this is what I would like you to do with this post today. Play the above clip, and read on.
This is one of my favourite bands, the Go-Betweens, and it is a song about the streets of my town, where I grew up, and where I live now.

 This morning the sky looked amazing, and I just had to take lots of photos to show you

So, enough pictures, on to the Yarning Along. This week I am reading the long awaited latest instalment in the Dan Starkey series by Colin Bateman. Colin Bateman is one of my favourite authors, and this book is great!!
It's funny; disturbingly so, gripping, and a great read. I am really really enjoying this.
It has been a great time for my favourite authors lately- Ian Rankin last week, and Bateman this week.
I would definitely recommend any of Colin Batemans books. This one is set in Ireland, where most, but not all are.

And this is the rapidly growing baby blanket. Not much to say about it except that it's growing still.

Now this adorable horse was knitted by my Son's girlfriend, who is also adorable; for Daughter#2's recent birthday. I thought it was amazing, and such a lovely thing to do.  He has imaginatively been called Horsey. And he has the distinction of not being terrifying, as are most of the toys I have attempted to make for her!!

Speaking of terrifying......................

I had another go at making  a doll. I understand that her lack of eyes make her creepy, but I fear that even with eyes, she will be someone you would hide from.

I am absolutely determined to crack this making a cute doll thing, and will keep trying.
I may however be racking up ridiculously amounts of future therapeutic intervention for my children's futures!!


  1. Ah the husband and I love that song too! Great.
    How do you add music to a blog? Is it easy?
    Love the baby blanket, I LOVE the doll (not scary at all) and the cute Horsey.
    Hope all well in the land of Oz.

  2. I'm sure eyes will help the doll considerably ;)

    The baby blanket is looking great

  3. Your baby blanket is coming along nicely.

  4. Great song! I have a thing about clouds and also take loads of pics when I see a nice sky.

    Eyes are so hard to get right, I too have made a stuffed toy the thing of nightmares by a badly placed stitch! I highly recommend those safety eyes, it has been my saving grace!

  5. The baby blanket is looking even more lovely and cuddly. I find eyes difficult too but you just got to keep trying :)
    The clouds look wonderful, so full of promise.

  6. The blanket is very sweet - Love those colours.
    I like your doll, her face will change her from scary to lovable. Let the children decide.
    Enjoy your projects.

  7. Great music and lovely pictures - you've really captured the essence of a bright autumn day.


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