Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Bark, Books & Rainbow Teapot

Look what I found at a local charity shop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

These were one of those purchases you just cannot walk away from!
I kept saying to myself :"You absolutely 100% do not NEED these rainbow cups and rainbow cloud teapot"
And I was right- I absolutely don't. But I kept walking back and looking at how incredibly adorable and sweet they were, and how happy looking at them made me, and I had to have them.

So, I obviously bought them, and there have been lots of lovely warming hot cups of chocolate  in these lovely happy cups. And they have never failed to make me happy when drinking from them!!

On to the Yarning Along. This week I'm reading the new Ian Rankin book.
I may have mentioned before, but Ian Rankin is my all time favourite author.

I received this book for my birthday, and so far I'm loving it. It's gripping, has a great sense of place (set in Scotland), and fantastic characters. I just want to not go to work for days on end, stay at home, and read read read this book.

I'm making another baby blanket here, going with a stripy look this time. I'm quite fond of how this one os turning out, and I'm loving the whole baby blanket thing at the moment, they are nice quick wins, adn make me feel like a finisher!!

And lastly, here are some gratuitous bark shots, I love trees, and the detail on the trunks.

 See you later, hope you have a great week. Take care, and go and smile at someone. And take some deep breaths, and think about nice things in your life.


  1. Great pictures! The blanket is looking lovely :)

  2. Oh my goodness that teapot is amazing! Why would anyone let it go, it's so beautiful!!

  3. Personally I think everyone absolutely needs a teapot and cups set that make them happy ;)

    I love trees too, so your bark shots really appeal to me. I also love the look of dead trees with no bark (sounds strange I know, but they are wonderfully sculptural).

  4. Oh wow. Seriously, WOW!!!!!!
    I am tres jealous, you know how much I love charity shops (cherry tree treasures!!!)
    Well done hun
    Big love

  5. I love the cups and teapot. Your blanket is looking lovely. Hope you are having a great week.

  6. Hi, the teapot and cups are brilliant. No wonder you feel cheery everytime you use them. Oddly, I was talking to my partner about the new Ian Rankin only yesterday. He's got the first one in this new series. I'm still ploughing my way through the Rebus books. Have a lovely week. Btw, the crochet is looking good.

  7. The teapot and cups are so cute!!The blanket looks lovely!!

  8. OHHH!! Why don't I find neat stuff at the shops? Nice find with the teapot and them..I like the green with the pink..very pretty.

  9. Ooh those cups....and the teapot to match, how lucky a find! The blanket is looking very pretty.

  10. Ohmegosh!!!
    I am totally with you on the 'not-able-to-leave-those-in-the-charity-shop' moment. Girl, you did the right thing. They needed a new home. And yours is it.
    Cute baby blanket- sweet.

  11. adorable! thank you for sharing these sweet cups and teapot. i love them and can totally see how you couldn't walk away from them.
    and i really love your last paragraph. perfect sentiments.

  12. I have died, and gone to teapot heaven! An actual cloud-shaped, rainbow-shaped teapot - how AWESOME is that! :D What a find.
    And I've never heard of that author before - what is the style he writes in? Thriller? I'm really all about Karin Slaughter, Patricia Cornwell, Stieg Larsson you know - do you reckon I would like this author?

  13. Oh,you lucky thing getting your hands on that sweet little teapot! It`s adorable. Now I`m going to make you really envious....I`m off to our local Book Festival next week where Mr. Ian Rankin will be in residence!Thanks for the heads-up on his new book.
    Love your new blanket - the colours are very pretty together.
    Hope you have a good weekend.

  14. oh wow great find! The baby blankets are in my favorite colors


  15. those are some happy cups! would brighten the day!

  16. Hi there! Thank you for visiting Apples and Pears and leaving such a lovely comment....and for introducing me to your corner of blogland! xxx

  17. Wow, that set is amazing! Everyone needs some rainbows don't they?

    Love the pink and green baby blanket....blankets and stripes ticks all my boxes, I did a baby blanket last week and as you said it's good for the soul to make something that grows quickly and then is finished before you know it.

    Wish I was a reader like you, I can't seem to concentrate, do you read while you crochet?

  18. Thanks for your nice comment :)
    I LOVE your tea set, how bright and sunshiney!
    And can totally relate to the want to stay home and get stuck into a good book. It's been a while for me but I do feel like that about crochet.
    The pink and green baby blanket is looking lovely too. x

  19. LOVE those rainbow teapots. What a fun way to make the day brighter! :0) Last night I saw a double rainbow. It was so awesome... everyone at work was giggling and jumping up and down... LOL! It's amazing what a full on rainbow can do to a person!

  20. They are completely adorable - I would of snapped them up too.

    Nina x

  21. wow the bark pictures are surprisingly beautiful! ALSO the rainbow tea set is incredible :-) x

  22. Love the pot, completely awesome!


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