Friday, 28 October 2011

Beach, Blankets and Birthdays

I thought it might be nice to end the week with a bit of alliteration...beaches, blankets and birthdays.

 I  went to the beach last weekend for a three day weekend with all my extended family. Parents, brothers, sister, sister in laws, brother in law, husband, children, and sons girlfriend. Phew, I'm exhausted before I've even started!

Anyhoo, we went down to a gorgeous beach in Northern NSW, and all stayed in the one resort. I took the Monday off work, as did most of the rest of the family, so it was three sun drenched days of relaxation, fun, and lots of kayaking. I don't think I've mentioned my love of kayaking in the blog before, mainly because its pretty much been cold or dreadful weather since I started blogging, so I've not done much of it!!

My Dad has a two person kayak, all my brothers have kayaks, and last year my delightful husband bought me one for my birthday.
Best. Present.Ever.
So we had lots of kayaking this weekend, it was lovely. However I have absolutely no photos of said kayaking, as I always fear I will fall in and wet the camera.
And given my propensity for falling in the water, its quite feasible I would lose the camera.
However I did take lots of pics of rockpools, sand and the like, which you may have noticed......... if you look very carefully

It was a lovely weekend, where I thoroughly enjoyed everyones company. Sure, there were moments where I wanted to stab either myself or someone else in the eye with a fork, but those were few and far between.

So, on to blankets, I have finished more of the never ending baby blankets. I also made a flowery bunting decoration for a baby's bed, which turned out OK.
Here are a few of them bundled up together with the bunting.

I decided to personalise one of them, and made this card to go with the blanket.

On to the last B, it was my birthday this week, which was really really awesome!

I love birthdays, and this year was one of the best. I got great books, and a new turtle from my lovely kids!!!
I had to work on my birthday, since I'd had the Monday off, but the beauty of working was that I scored a surprise Princess birthday cake, complete with unicorns, princesses and castles!

Have a lovely weekend


  1. well happy birthday to you!
    great pictures as always
    fee x

  2. How lovely that such positive thoughts have gone into those lovely blankets!
    The beach pics look great, but I'm loving your cool cakes especially the unicorns!

  3. Many happy returns...what lovely cake/s. Your blankets look great and your personal touch of a card is a great idea. I glad you didn't hurt yourself or anyone else with a fork, you would have regretted it! By the way did you say turtle? Maybe we could see a photo ;)

  4. Happy Birthday, love your blankets, very jealous, I NEED to get mine finished x x x

  5. HI, thanks for all the lovely comments, and birthday wishes- I really appreciate them.
    I really must point out however that I was totally joking when I said I felt like stabbing myself or someone else in the eye with a fork. It's just a saying here, and I in no way felt like actually doing that!!!
    Sorry for any misconstruction that occurred, totally my fault, and totally not meant.

  6. Happy Birthday hon! It sounds as if you had a wonderful time. Enjoy your weekend!

  7. Happy Birthday!!!! Lovely pictures of a great trip. As long as you didn't stab someone in the eye with a crochet hook, you are doing gerat.

  8. Happy Birthday to you! Can you hear me singing all the way from France? What a gorgeous cake! Do you believe in fairy tales? It's so nice to add a personal touch to gifts like that and I love your blankets.

  9. happy belated birthday!!! hope you had a wonderful day :-)

    your weekend with the family sounds such fun. and i love the blankets x

  10. Happy belated birthday,what lovely gifts.

    Love the notes for the blankets.


  11. Wonderful sunshine - I just want to be there on that beach! Perhaps not kayaking as I am too much of a wimp, but just soaking up the sun.

    I love your baby blankets - I seem to have had a lot to do recently as well!

    Pomona x


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