Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Books, Blankets and Storms

I am still in the throes of making what seem like thousands of baby blankets. Logically I know there are only four, but it seems like there are thousands.
Actually there may need to be five, as I may have miscalculated a gender. Possibly. But lets move on from that thought.

I'm linking in with Ginny for her Yarn Along today.
I'm one of the last people in the world to read a book by Jodi Picoult. I was also one of the last people in the world to watch Titanic. Turns out there was a reason everyone likes both those things. Because they're awesome!!!

A friend from work loaned me My Sister Keeper last week. Because I can be curmudgeonly in my reading habits- I often hate it when someone loans me a book, as then I feel like I'm obliged to read it.
So something that is a nice gesture; ie, someone knows I like reading and lends me a book they enjoyed; magically in my mind becomes a mega pain and an obligation, and something I put off. I know! It's not very nice, and it doesn't make sense. But it's how I roll reading wise.
But I'm happy to say that this book bucked the trend. (Actually most books I'm lent do....people seem to know what I like to read)
I loved it! It was certainly not rocket science, or the worlds greatest novel, but it was unputdownable!!
I could not stop reading it. It was gripping and fantastic!! I would definitely recommend it. Especially if you like to sob during books. Embarrassingly and uncontrollably. To the point where your husband may become worried when he finds you and become concerned and ask what has happened.

So moving on from my over involvement in books to my morning walk. Yesterdays walk started off OK with just a few clouds in the sky.

The clouds rapidly grew

And grew...

Until my walk became a run to beat the crazy storm that blew through

Awesome and beautiful!!

Hope everyone is having a super happy week, and nice things are happening.


  1. Lovely blanket. How on earth did you miscalculate a gender? (Need a shocked and winking smiley here!!). Wow that looks like some storm coming over. As for the book, with you on not usually going for the emotional stuff, enough going on IRL without watching and readin it too. Glad you found it to be a "pleasant" experience though.

  2. Beautiful blanket, I love the colors. Love the clouds, we have amazing clouds here in Florida, I love to see the storms roll in.

  3. I am the same as you when it comes to people lending me books - I feel this pressure to read them immediately and then that makes me hostile towards them. I just don't borrow books from people anymore!

    Glad you're enjoying My Sister's Keeper.

  4. I feel exactly the same when people lend me books ;) I did like My Sister's Keeper, and Jodi Picoult has written a lot more really good books... But, I would say that if you plan to read more of hers, space them out and read other things in between otherwise they can start to feel a little samey.

  5. my sister keeps urging me to read jodi p. i think i'll give her a try. not that i want to cry or make my husband nervous. :)

    sweet blanket, so colorful.

  6. If you sobbed through the book, you'll be absolutely water-logged when you see the film!Beautiful Tree Pics and well done on all your crochet.x

  7. Oooh i must read that book, mind you i blubbed enough during the film, better get more tissues in ready!
    nice blanket...keep going!
    love jooles x

  8. Love the blanket and the pics - and thanks for your always so nice comments, I really appreciate them! :-)

  9. Loving the blanket.
    Good on you for making 4 of them. You are one committed gal!
    Have a great weekend.

  10. I cried reading that book too... x

  11. Love the tree pics, lady, especially the pink flowery one.

    Now onto Jodi... UGGGGHHHH. I hate to say this since you obviously loved her book, but My Sister's Keeper was her first and ONLY book that I ever will read. I hated it. Don't get me wrong, it was an interesting and clever story, but I cannot stand unhappy endings. I just can't. It makes me sad just to think about that book. Run away!!! lol

  12. everyone seems to love jodi picoult! i haven't read this book, but i read songs of the humpback whale and was a little disappointed as it didn't live up to the hype. HOWEVER, house rules was very very good! x

  13. Your crochet is the colour combinations too...
    I know exactly what you mean about someone so kindly giving you a book to develop a sudden overwhelming feeling that you must read it as soon as possible and then return it which isn't going to make it an enjoyable read...I think we all feel the same!
    Love you photographs...I never cease to be impressed by th power of Mother Nature,
    Hope you have a great week,
    Susan x

  14. Lovely blankets and a good choice of books - I love Jodi Piccoult. All the Best with your crochet porjects.

  15. five blankets you say? goodness gracious!
    Nice to see you over at mine - I was pretty scared of the ladybird lady (do you think the ! order was a message?)
    fee x
    ps DO NOT like to sob when reading. In fact if I think a book is going to be sad I won't read it. Realise this is the type of thing I should be telling a counsellor!!


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