Sunday, 9 October 2011

Fairy Party

For some reason I wrote and published this post on Sunday, and it appears on my blog, but not through Reader, no idea why???
So, given that it was quite the sparse post, as I was so tired, thought I would embroider it with some more words


Fairy party for my four year old today. (Sunday)
So exhausted............ have very few words, but here are some pics from the day

Rainbow cake in the making. This was so much fun to make. I googled rainbow cake how to, and found this. Basically you just use lots of bowls, put food coloring in each, and then just pour layer upon layer upon layer. It's really fun, and messy. Daughter#2 loved *helping make it!

Fairy bunting for lots of fairy princesses.
I just crocheted little circles and flowers, and attached laminated fairy pictures I had printed out to decorate the front yard, which was renamed fairlyland.

Unfortunately in the excitement f the day I took very few pictures- these looked great, but are difficult to see.

Fairy wonderland. I also put lots of rugs and beanbags on the ground, lots of crocheted bright cushions, obviously lots of fairies, and mosquito netting to create a magical look to fairyland.

Beautiful embroidered tablecloth. I scored this for five dollars at a charity shop. Woo!
It is exquisite, however unfortunately was a bit of a soggy messy mess by the end of the party!

And more of the fairy cake

Now it's just time for the cleaning up..... four year old fairy princesses make lots of mess!!!

And then start wrapping the presents for tomorrow!!

Edit: The birthday itself was a huge success, she had a lovely day. I love birthdays, and I love her! 
Obviously also love her brother and sister, and father as well!


  1. How sweet,a fairy party, I just love that. I never got to have one having two boys and all. Rest up.

  2. I would be in my element making for a fairy party. It would be so much fun for me. Maybe that should be my next birthday party...ah but since my tea party was so pants maybe stretching to a fairy party would be a stretch too far for my boys (+ husband)

    Love the swirls on the cake dress. V effective.


    ps. How are you getting on with those immigration papers?

  3. As the Mother of two boys, I love your Fairy Party. I can remember my brother and I going to a wishing well...he wished the poor in Africa would have enough to eat...I wished to be a fairy princess in a Fairy Castle!

  4. Oh yeah I def know how messy 4yr olds can be. My daughter is 5 and she had a princess dress up tea party last Saturday.

  5. That cake looks fabulous - we have a fouth birthday coming up very soon. I think I will arrange it away from home.

    Nina x

  6. What an amazing cake that is! Glad it was all a lovely success.

    Sarah x

  7. It all looks like a lot of fun for little fairies!
    LOVE the rainbow cake- what a fab idea.
    Have a relaxing weekend.
    PS giveaway at mine if you fancy it!

  8. that cake looks amazing. Glad to hear that princesses make mess too! (Slightly bitter) mum of boys dreaming of princess parties!!!
    have a good week
    fee x

  9. Oh, must have been so much fun - sweet! :-)

  10. WOW that cake! no fairy parties here either :(

  11. Ah this is cute and I love the fairy rainbow cake. Did all those E numbers drive the girls nuts???!!!! You are one brave woman.
    Fairy party sounds cute.
    I have a dear little girl but she is in love with boys things. We did some gorgeous parties when she was little, princessy and magical and sparkly but now it's Harry Potter this, Harry Potter that!!!
    I have a month to try to convince her to go pink and sweet again!!!
    x x x

  12. Wow, what a magical fairy party - what a lucky girl you have! If you get chance I posted about my daughter's fairy party too - it is under party ideas on my blog! x


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