Saturday, 1 October 2011

Almost finished blankets and a Tea party


Next week is Mental Health week. (starting October 10)
Rosie from Such stuff as Dreams are Made of is having a week long bloggy tea party to celebrate. Check it out here:
Pop along and check it out- her blog is brilliant, and filled with inspiration!

Given that one in four people has mental health issues (at least here in Australia), that means you or someone you know has dealt with, or is dealing with issues such as depression or anxiety.
And it's good to talk about it, to bring it out from being a whispered thing, to having sensible discussion about how you can assist if someone you love is dealing with mental health issues. Or what to do if you yourself are.
There are a variety of websites you can access if you are dealing with this, Rosie will be posting information about them next week.

 Speaking of mental health, the paper here had a great article on the resurgence of the "lost arts" here last weekend. It was a really great article, and interestingly discussed the correlation between mental health and crafting. There has been a study done by a neuroscientist called Kelly Lambert, who has written a book called Lifting-Depression-Neuroscientists-Hands-On Approach to Activating your Brains healing power. 
Her study has shown that the physical effort used when we produce something with our hands, combined with seeing the end result   “activates particular regions of the brain and builds resilience against the emotional emptiness and negative thinking associated with depression”.
So I think that's a great reason to get the crochet hook out, and start making stuff!
In celebration of that, here is my almost finished baby blanket taking a bit of a walk around my front yard.

                                       Blankets gone Wild!!

 This kookaburra let me get  ridiculously close this morning as I was talking my walk.

This tree was just so amazing that I could not stop taking photos.....


There was a lot of tree love going on this morning.

Then I chanced upon these chaps going for a stroll....


For lunch today, Daughters#1 and 2 and I had lunch at a great little restaurant on top of a local mountain here. It's a gorgeous place, with incredible views, and fantastic food!

 After lunch I dropped daughter#1 at work, then the youngest and I went to see the Smurf movie.
There was a Crocheted blanket in it, which made me happy!!
Hope your weekend is as good as mines is so far!!


  1. Love your post today. And thanks for linking to your friend. Menatl health issues are so important and they take a step back from the bigger issues of cancer and heart disease.
    Happy weekend,

  2. I enjoyed your post today..hopefully someone will read your post and find out they are not alone.

  3. I'm sure there's some truth in the positive effects of creating something - its definitely my pick me up. Lovely photos in this post x

  4. I think having the chance to create is a great release from stress and 'life' . I remember reading an article when I was in school about the power of art on the Walls in places like hospitals and the uplifting effect it has on patients. I am so grateful for the ability to play music, paint, crochet etc...

    I love that you spotted a crocheted item in a film, that's my speciality!

  5. Love your post. Yarn is generally cheaper than therapy :) That Kookaburra is so cute. We used to sing a song about a Kookaburra when I was at first school.
    'Kookaburra sits in an old Gum Tree,
    Merry Merry King of the bush is he.
    Laugh Kookaburra, laugh Kookaburra,
    Gay your life may be...'
    It was a very cheerful little song that we all sang with gusto, you could sing it in a round to...happy days! :)

  6. Liked your post today and am now going to follow the link to your friend. You are so right - Mental Health should be talked about in the same free way as Physical Health.

  7. oh thanks for sharing about my blog party!! it's so true about making something with our hands helping ~ i think that crafting and playing the piano and writing have all been hugely instrumental (no pun intended) in my recovery!

    as to the writing course, you should definitely do one! they have some fantastic courses online and it might reignite your passion. even if you don't want to take it any further. there is also nanowrmo (national novel writing month) in november which i am going to join in with this year, you should definitely take a look at that too! (just google it)

  8. Amazing that we both blogged about this, this week! :) And the tree pics are awesome! xx

  9. We sang that same song, here in South Africa, when I was little! Was that Mt Cootha where yu had lunch? The view might look was 5 yrs ago.

  10. Ag, now I forgot to say that I really like you stripey blankets. And it is relaxing and soothing, isn't it, especially when you do something in a stripe.

  11. Lovely post- beautiful photos and a gorgeous blanket in the making, too!
    Have a great week.

  12. Beautiful tree photos, and I like the cloud ones too!!!

    I have heard the Smurf movie wasn't so good. Was it? Glad there was some crocheted goodness in it for ya! Love the baby blanket you're working on, and the cute little mod podgies!

  13. Ah the Kookaburrah pic is making me really miss Oz!!! Where abouts do you live, I forget.
    Lovely crocheted blanket and stunning tree.


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