Saturday, 24 September 2011

Unfinished Crochet Alert, and Awesome Necklace!

 Last night I was thinking about how many crochet projects I have on the go. Whenever I read another blogger talking about the amount of UFO's they have, I generally feel slightly smug.
Just a twinge of smugness, not any type of full blown superiority or anything like that!
I have always thought that I religiously work on only one project at a time.

However, I realised that I have absolutely no right to feel ANY form of superiority or smugness whatsoever!
As it turns out, I have ridiculous amounts of unfinished objects on the go, and I had somehow deluded myself into not realising this!

So, to show some remorse for my smugness, I will now chronicle what I am working on....

This does not technically qualify as a UFO, as when I began these thoughts last night, I pushed myself to finish this, so I could have some sense of myself as a finisher!!!

This is a baby blanket. I have four friends due to give birth within the next four months, so am trying to make a mix that will be suitable for boys or girls, and one of each. I am sure one of them will be a baby boy.
I tried to do some close ups here to give an idea of the wool, it's pom pom wool. I HATED working with this, but I LOVE the finished look and feel,. This blanket is fantastic for textures, I can't stop rubbing it with my hand.

Below is the baby blanket for a girl. I have to confess this is my favourite!
I love the colours.

And this is my beach inspired blanket, that is getting a bit big to work on now the weather is getting so warm. This may have to stay as an unfinished object until autumn. 

And now on to the bags. I have posted before about how I plan to make bags for every female in my family for Christmas, so this has been an ongoing project for a while.
The problem is however that I finish the body of the bag, and sometimes, sometimes not, the straps, then I convince myself that I am done. When I still have to sort the lining (read- visit my Mum and ask for help), and sew on the straps. So without further ado, here are the unfinished bags....

 My sister's bag above, I love the lining for hers, it's just pictures of trees. I need to make and then sew the straps , as well as line this.

This is for my sister in law- the one who likes rainbows. Same as my sis's, I need to make and sew on the straps, and also line

 This one is for my best friend, and is my favourite. It's difficult to see in the photos, but the textures n this one are just amazing. This is meant to be an  across the body style messenger bag.  This just needs sewing together and lining.

This is for my sister in law who loves Anne of Green Gables.

I bought this anime Anne of Green gables from a great fabric shop on etsy.

And lastly, my Mum's bag. She is getting hers tomorrow for her birthday.

 She unfortunately will have to line her own bag, but I have bought the material for her to line it!!

Inside her bag is some wool, and a crochet hook roll.....

Complete with wooden crochet hooks.
I have become obsessed with wooden crochet hooks since being lucky enough to win one as part of a lovely prize from Meredith at Mereknits.

So, I should most probably say farewell now, and try and get some of this work done!!
Hope your weekend is lovely

Oops, pressed publish post and forgot what I really wanted to show you all
I bought this gorgeous necklace.....

after reading about it on this blog,

Isn't it adorable???
It's my birthday soon, and I was going to do the very direct hinting thing with my lovely husband, but I worried too much that he wouldn't buy it quickly enough, so I bought it as a present for myself!!


  1. Hi! Glad I found your blog. Your work is lovely - really bright and colourful, just like that wonderful necklace you bought for your birthday. Hope its a happy one!

  2. Oh my lord, BUNTING NECKLACE!!!! How cool is that, keep hinting love.
    Really love your creations, you are tres talented and thanks also for your lovely lovely post over at mine tonight.
    Really appreciated it. x x x x

  3. I like the one for your sister in law, lovely colours. I am laughing at this post as I have a box of doll heads, unfinished bracelets and allsorts to be getting on with and I am sat right here.
    Your blog is lovely and bright. I wish I could knit and crochet. I'd tie myself in knots! xxx

  4. Well, I am so very impressed indeed by your array of UFOs. Bravo lady! It's good to get it all out in the open, right? ;-)

    I think your mother's bag is fantastic. Beautiful colours.

    Have a lovely week progressing on your UFOs!! We are having an indian summer here. What about you?

  5. Fun necklace, I like it! :-)

    Gah, I began on my latest blanket this weekend but realized that I hated the yarn... So today I have to try and find some new yarn because I felt so frustrated by it all - you know; all the anticipation with a new project and then all feels wrong thanks to the yarn...

  6. You are one busy lady!!
    Great bags- I love the thought you've put into the colours and the lining materials too. My fav is the rainbow one.
    Gorgeous necklace too. Lucky you!
    Have a great week.

  7. Wooooooah you do have a great many UFOs! I suppose I do as well. And a whole lot on the "to do" list, as well!
    I love that multi textured blanket for the baby! That is so awesome! Baby will love it!!!

  8. You crack me up. And can I say you are very brave, I wouldn't dare post all my unfinished projects. Glad you love the wooden hooks, I think they are just beautiful.
    Hugs to you,

  9. Its lovely to see i'm not the only one with unfinished business.........xx

  10. You do have lots of UFOs!!!:))..That crochet hook roll you made for your Mom is so cute!!I love the fabric!!And I also gift myself things I love for my birthday!!Why wait for the husband to give it:)

  11. so many lovely things, i kept thinking 'ooh that's my favourite, no that one, no i have like 6 favourites' ha! i ADORE anne of green gables though, so jealous of that fabric.
    ps like the necklace too!

  12. sorry to be posting a reply here, i just wanted you to definitely get it! thanks for your enthusiasm for my blog tea party, and yay that you want to make some virtual cupcakes, ha :-)
    good idea about the websites too. i'm so excited about it! x

  13. Wow! So many lovely things! :D Now I feel a sudden desire to put everything in a row and actually finish things ^^


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