Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Beach and crochet

The first few weeks of Spring here have been cold, blustery and windy.

So we were delighted when last weekend dawned clear and warm.
Daughter#2 and I decided to celebrate with a trip to a local island for the day.

It is quite possible that we made a million sandcastles.

And decorated them with a million shells.

The sun reflecting off the water was beautiful


We packed a picnic, and had blueberries and yoghurt for lunch in the shade of a tree.
I then suggested that I read some of the paper whilst the small one continued with making more of the aforementioned infinity of sandcastles that needed to be made that day. Daughter#2 responded by deciding that was not an option, and filling her bucket with ice cold water from the sea and pouring it over my legs. Over and over again! She thought it was hilarious hearing me shriek! Over and over again!
It was a beautiful and relaxing day, and a great start to Spring.

On the yarning an dreading front, as always linking in with Ginny at Small Things for her I am reading Angel's Tip, by Alafair Burke. It's a police procedural, pretty formulaic, but a good read nevertheless. On the crochet front, I am working on a few blankets at the moment, as well as the ongoing Christmas bag project. I thought the best in progress work to show today was my Spring Sea and sand blanket. I chose the colours because they reminded me of the sun, sand and water.

Hope everyone is having a fantastic week!!


  1. Your daughter's a real attention grabber - I flinched when I read about the cold water! Love the blanket - the perfect sunny combination. Cx

  2. Beautiful blanket. Very springy colors.

  3. You are so lucky to be living so close to the sea. We are heading into autumn/winter here and the prediction is for another cold winter brrrrr. I love the blanket and the colours are very spring like. Wishing you a fab and sunny weekend.
    Melanie x

  4. Oh, how lovely. Our yearly dose of the sea was a few weeks ago now, and just seeing your pictures and reading your story brought it all back to me. Something to be grateful for indeed.

    Thanks very much for your comment on my linen post - I really enjoyed finding out the information for it all!

  5. Sounds like a lovely day, except for the screeching cold buckets of water. ha! It's still warm here but temps are coming down a bit. It's the weekend so I need to get going with some crochet. I like the colors in your stripe. Have a fabulous Friday. Tammy

  6. It sounds like you had a perfect day with daughter # 2. It makes me want to venture out for a stroll on the beach....hmmmmm maybe tomorrow?

  7. hee hee, children! sounds and looks like fun! pretty colors in your blanket. :)

  8. what a lovely start to the spring (we are heading into autumn here!) I love the blanket....I MUST finish the one I started two years ago!!!

  9. oh sounds lovely, i <3 blueberries!
    thanks so much for your truly supportive comments on my blog the other day :-) x

  10. Wow, it looks gorgeous me dearie.
    Thanks so much for your lovely comment on my blog. I doubt myself a lot, so it so nice to get lovely comments like that.
    You blanket looks gorgeous. Now that is a talent I don't have. what a beauty. xxx


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