Friday, 16 September 2011

Garage sale finds

This morning I woke up early, and went for my morning walk. I love mornings. I get up before everyone else and read my blogs, then go for a walk. I love the time to myself, without any talking.
Disclaimer:This is not where I walked this morning, this is where I went for a workshop one day this week for work. It was stunningly beautiful,and I thought you would like to see it

On Saturdays I like to break loose (yes I am wild, crazy and bohemian) and instead of walking in the nature reservey area I normally walk in- walk to garage sales within a radius of my house. I know I know- what am I like??

Sometimes it's great; sometimes I have to walk back home and drive back  to pick things up that are too big to carry; sometimes I only find rubbish.

This morning was an awesome morning!!

I have been crocheting bags for Christmas presents. I bought some lining for the ones for my Mum and sister in law, (Anne of Green gables fabric for my sister in law, and blue teapot fabric for my Mums bag- obviously she loves collecting teapots)
Actually it's not so much that she collects teapots, more that she is demented for teapots!
My parents house is filled to the brim with her tea pot and tea set collections, all behind glass of course. My dad collects antique swords, but he has to keep them downstairs!!
Anyway, I digress. I have been thinking that I will need to get motivated and start looking for fabric to line the bags with. I don't sew however, and just haven't got around to going to a material store yet.
You may guess where this is heading.
This morning, I went to a brilliant garage sale, with a lovely woman selling fabric for fifty cents a piece.
I went nuts!!!!
My absolute favourite piece was this one!!!

I don't know what this chap is doing but he certainly seems to be fond of those cats!

So many possible captions here

I ended up buying so much.....................

....much of which will be donated to my Mum, who in addition to collecting teapots like a madwoman, also is an amazing quilter. And sewer. She can also crochet. And knit I believe. I cannot do any of those things, except crochet!
Her attempting to teach an adolescent me to sew was the source of so many arguments.
And thus I cannot sew.

However I am faced with the issue of needing "someone" to sew the lining of the bags I have crocheted for people for Christmas.

So, I thought that donating much of this material to my mother may be a strategic, clever, kind,  OK, lets call it what it is- way to bribe my Mum into sewing for me.

Hopefully these adorable old fabrics will convince her not only that she has the kindest most thoughtful daughter in the world, but that it is her duty, and in fact she is lucky to be involved in helping me!!!
Fingers crossed

The other option is to do what Rosie at does, and have a mother/daughter craft day.
The only issue with that is that  I am terrified Mum might try and teach me to sew again and we will end up not speaking again for the next fifty years!!!

So hopefully my awesome fabric bribe will do the trick

Obviously I am keeping the chap with the cats  (how could one ever let him go??), and the tree material, oh and some will be used for the smallest one in our house

Hope everyone reading this has a fantastic weekend, and that you all find some amazing pre-loved bargains somewhere!!
Take care, and go and hug or kiss someone you love.
Or send them an email if they're not there.
Right now...go it, I will know if you don't....I'm watching you!!

(Sorry, that may have been too creepy an end to the post- sometimes things I think are funny just come out as strange!!)


  1. Beautiful photo from your work workshop. It looks like you found some great fabric for projects. Make sure you share your final products with us!
    Have a great weekend,
    xo Susan

  2. ha-ha! It's not creepy since I know you aren't really watching me. :) I think I will contact a few people that I haven't heard from in awhile.

    Sounds like you had a great morning out. And those fabrics -- who could pass them up at that price????? Fantastic! I'm sure your mom will be pleased to give you a sewing hand. I don't sew either but I crocheted some bags for my two best friends one year and sewed in a lining and told them not to look too closely. The bags were mainly to hold other gifts I had for them; not really to be used. I don't sew well either. My mom sewed clothes for me when I was little but she never taught me to sew. When I was 22, an older lady I worked with tried to teach me to sew on her machine -- we did a log cabin pillow. I was okay with the cutting and putting together but when it came to the machine, I had a lead foot and couldn't control the speed. She finally gave up and finished the pillow for me. Ha!

    So I crochet, and am not always successful with that -- but I find it much easier now than cross-stitch since I'm getting to the point where reading glasses are a must :/

    have a great rest of the weekend. Best wishes, Tammy

  3. oooh, so much to take in here!
    firstly, that first fabric is fab - the man is so dandy!
    secondly - my poor mum has tried to teach me so many skills (piano, sewing, crochet) and such endeavours have always ended in tears (mine). I've tried to tell her she isn't appealing to my learning style. Actually she laughs in the face of my learning style...she insists on 'showing' me and I need to do it myself!
    Anyway, luckily we now laugh about it and my pal Jane (teawaggon Jane) taught me to crochet!

    I've just given my OH a lovely big kiss (which will backfire as he'll think he's on to a winner later)....but then you'll know that because you're watching!!! (yep, creepy!)
    happy weekend
    fee x

  4. Wow, whenever I go to clearances or charity shops, I never find anything good, looks like you've had a lucky haul.......maybe you get to all these places before me and that's what the problem is! Have fun your mum all those lovely fabrics!

  5. Fabulous, fabulous fabrics (so good I had to say it twice!). Mmmm, know what you mean about sewing. I'm not a sewer either - just haven't got the patience.

  6. aw thanks for mentioning me!!! i love the fabrics you got, and i also love love morning walks and me time.

    my mum taught me to knit, but to crochet and sew i actually went to workshops, and we kind of help each other if we need to, but i think we would drive each other crazy if my mum and i taught one or the other of us. i'm better than her at crochet and she is better than me at knitting so we help each other, but i would suggest learning the basics elsewhere first then you're less likely to bite each others head off and will get some quality time! either that or go for an easier project like my tissue paper flowers ~ nothing can go wrong there ---> no arguements! x

  7. What great deals! I haven't found that much this year. New follower that loves to crochet and go to yard sales also.

  8. I love all your terrific fabric finds, and I bet your Mom will love to help you. She gets some new fabric and possibly a little time with you. I have to say you made me laugh at the end of your blog post, not creepy at all. Have a great day,

  9. Wow what a fabulous find! Don't you just love it when you find a brilliant bargain like that. Enjoy!

  10. Let's hope your mom helps you, I would hate to see you two not speaking for the next 50 years! hehe.
    I love the fabric with the chap and the cats, but of course I would b/c I am mad for cats just like that odd fellow on the bench. :0)

  11. Wohaa - what a fantastic fabric find! I´m a little envious..! :-)

    Thank you for your always kind words! <3


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