Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Blog Identity crisis and more of the yarning alongness

Hello, how's things?
Hope all is well in your world.

As I may have mentioned last post, it's Spring here.
It has been a rather cold start this year.

Given that it's Wednesday, it must be time to link in with Ginny at Small Things for more Yarning Along.
(I really need to lean how to link properly, and not just cut and paste from websites!!)

This week I'm reading a new book by Karin Slaughter (very appropriately named!!)
It's great, and I'm really enjoying it. It's the latest in a series about a small town paediatrician who is also the medical examiner. The characters are really well developed, and the plot is intriguing.

I have begun to realise that my bog may be having some form of identity crisis.
I feel like a more accurate blog name might be "sometimes I have a chat about crochet stuff, and show you the odd stuff I made, sometimes I just blether on about nothing, and I talk a lot, but not in much depth about the books I read. Oh, and sometimes I pop pictures of my favourite trees or nice photos from my daily walks."
It seems like a bit of a weildly blog name however, so I might just stick with what I've got.

In keeping with the random blethering, here are some pics of our turtle Pedro

He used to have a friend, Alexander, but sadly Alexander left us to go and live with the other turtles in the sky.
Apologies for the glass, needs a good wipedown.
I could just watch Pedro for ages, I really love him!
He and his dearly departed friend Alexander were birthday presents a few years ago from my lovely husband.
I bought a new Filofax this week at a garage sale.
I use my phone for most things, but I love the tactile nature of writing things down.
I have a huge Filofax for work, but have been wanting a smaller travel sized one for personal use for ages. i was really happy when I found this bad boy for only ten dollars!!

Naturally the first thing I turned my mind to was crocheting a cover for it, so that it doesn't become contaminated by all the random stuff in my handbag.

I had quite the love hate relationship with this little project as I was trying to use up lots of random small bits of wool.

It began as a Granny Square bag, then I became bored with making the Granny squares. And yes I know I only made three, but I have a very short attention span at times.

I then decided to make stripes for the back of the bag, as I love making stripes.
But the colour mix seemed a tad confused, and looked awful.
I then decided to go with the eclectic patchwork look, and just chuck in as many colours as I could.
I ended up quite liking it in the end, but I really really hated it along the way.

This weekend Daughter#2 and I made our family out of wooden pegs.
Don't we look lovely?
I'm the one in the very bright red number. I have clearly been out flamenco dancing.

Here's a photo of my weekend walk, where we saw kangaroos up close.
And below is the obligatory photo of a tree for Jamie from

Well, its the top of a tree at least.

I saw "The Help" last night with Daughter#1 and really enjoyed it. I did cry a lot in it, however I am a bit of a weeper in movies.
Hope you have a lovely rest of your week
Take care


  1. Where abouts do you live?! I love kangaroos. I ate one once and it tasted of liver and I wasn't a fan. Never again. Same goes for zebras and crocs!
    Lovely post, gorgeous Filofax cover and really want to watch The Help now.
    x x x

  2. aw i love the turtle!! and i completely agree that writing things down in a diary cannot be replaced by all the new techno stuff!!

    as to your blog identity crises, i have these all the time...but in essence your blog is a hotch potch of everything that makes you you, which is exactly how it should be!!


  3. I just finished Fallen, I loved it. Keep your blog just the way it is. I love to crochet, read, cook, whatever. I like reading about others like me and now I am going to go and check out some books at the library. I love a good mystery.

  4. Ooooooh look at your big old peg lady boobies!!! Haha

    Have to say this sentence made me chuckle. "I have begun to realise that my bog may be having some form of identity crisis." Bog over here is toilet. I know, I'm juvenile!!!

    I think you could call your blog anything you like. It's yours. Just please yourself. Did you see I popped you in my sidebar?


  5. Wow you got a bargain on that filofax - I love writing things down on paper too (I love notebooks, nothing like a fresh new one!)

  6. My cousin is the one who forced me to start a blog and said think of a name right now. I had no clue of what I wanted a blog to be about. All I could come up with was T's Daily Treasures and whether it fits or not, I'm sticking with it.

    I'm a tactile person so prefer to have things in hand and writing things down helps me to remember. I am not tech savvy at all.

    Love your peg family. And the filofax cover is great. In fact, I was using some of those same colors in an lapghan I was working on -- never got it finished though. :/ Story of my life.

    We used to have turtles but they didn't survive. Pedro is cute.

    Hope your day is great. Tammy

  7. since your description of your blog could be a description of mine I'm wondering if I should be having an identitiy crisis too!
    then I remembered I haven't got time!
    fee x
    (agree with Cuckoo - do whatever makes you happy)
    (loving Pedro - we're getting ready to hibernate Ned soon - always scary!)

  8. Love BOTH the pics of the trees. Thank you for posting a pic just for lil ol me! ;0)
    You saw kangaroos? Where on earth do you live? I feel I might have been waaaaaaay off on my assumptions. Either that or I don't know my geography/animals as well as I thought I did.

    I am having a blog name crisis too! I am seriously considering changing mine.

    Love all your projects, and especially how they came about. I'll say it just one more time, then shut up for good: It simply amazes me that you can crochet without a pattern. And create functional pieces, at that!

  9. I have to agree with Cuckoo on the chuckling about the word 'bog', a bit like 'poo', when the word is said I can't help but chuckle (slap me...please!!).

    I also have to agree with you about the attention span thing, I'm exactly the same, I've put my granny blanket to one side for now and am crocheting some coasters and I love your Granny Bag, I'd love one for myself, may have to copy you hun.

    Kangaroos......I'd love to one day see a Kanga in the wild oh and an Elephant (they are on my wish list in life).

    You are so lucky that spring has come, I do love Autumn but you can already feel the cool evenings and chilly mornings here, that only means one thing and I just can't think about that yet.

    Lovely post.

    Luv Bee xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  10. I've been having the same crisis on my blog since my first post! I really wanted it to be about my learning to do crafty things, but I am inherently lazy, so have developed a cunning ploy to distract readers with talk of vintage finds and any other thing that comes into my head. But the name stays - the one thing it's not about is knitted knickers! Keep doing what you're doing. C.x

  11. Very cute projects - love the little peg family and your 'granny bag' perfect for keeping something so useful in.
    Gorgeous pics of the spring that is here already.

  12. this was such a lovely post! your blog is just right as it is, i like the name too!

    you were so lucky to find that beautiful blue filofax! i would have had to buy it too, mine is falling apart, i do use it everyday too. and a crocheted cover! great idea. hello pedro!

  13. don't change your blog, I love it just how it is x

  14. Don't worry,I blether on on mine and am totally random with pics. The great thing about blogs is they can be whatever you want them to be.
    I love the peg dollies. I want to make some but can't seem to find any wooden pegs around.x

  15. Awww Pedro is toooo cute! enjoy Fallen...I read it and liked it.
    I cried during The Help too. I want to read the book next. Nice post and photos :)


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