Friday, 2 September 2011

Bob and Pat

Meet Bob.

Bob's quite narcissistic as you can see

And those of you who have read this blog before will be able to guess that Bob was not made by me!!!!

Top Telltale give-aways that I did not make Bob
1. He is beautifully made
2. He does not frighten small children with his general air of creepiness and sinister eyes
3. He has no wonky stitches
4. He has no wonky buttons sewn on
I could go on, and on and on........................ but I won't.

One would think that given my previous forays into toy making, which have resulted in absolute disaster (but I am happy to say have nevertheless been loved by my smallest daughter- bless her heart), that I would never, ever again venture into attempting to crochet "something cute".
But no, I am nothing if not tenacious. (Or stupid!)

I decided I would try and make a rabbit, to be a friend for Stinky Toby, Daughter#2's favourite toy. I used him as a guide, size wise etc. (I cant read patterns)
To start with I really thought I'd cracked it, and that I had made a cute toy!!!

I was really really happy and excited. But then, slowly, as it came time to sew on the head, I realised that he was not in fact cute............................... but that he would be joining the ranks of the freasky misshapen "others". Yes, here they are in all their glory. And yes, new rabbit belongs amongst them.
No matter how much I thought he would not belong, that he would be a stand alone "good" toy, he's not!!
He's one of "them".

Here they are...Petula, Mermaid, and the weird snake with all the stuffing falling out of him.

The good news is that the small one loves them.
Very much.

She has named the new rabbit Patty, Pat for short. I asked why she named him that, and she said "You know, Like pat-a-cake"

Here he is with his best bud Stinky Toby.
They could be twins.

 So, going back to the beginning of my post, where I introduced you to beautifully made Bob, Bob whose stories and TV show is loved by my youngest.

We bought Bob in Scotland last year.

You would imagine that she would love Bob. But no, with the beauty and sweetness of youth, she loves the ones that "Mummy made".
And that makes me happy, and to decide not to give up.
Have a lovely weekend


  1. Aw, how cute that she prefers your toys to the bought one! I think I do too actually, yours have so much character, and I think the rabbit is wonderful in its misshapenness ;)

  2. I think pat is super cute ,well done!anything made by mum is super special,forever.I still have a knitted rabbit my mum made when I was young,Im 43 now! take carelove juliexxx

  3. I think your little one has very good taste, she likes toys that look like they need a little love, thats a good thing. I actually like all of them they have personality!
    Have a great weekend,

  4. Aw...I love Pat`s little fat tummy....he`s just adorable and doubly-special since it was you who made him!Don`t give up, you`re doing really well, I especially like the Ripple Blanket Pat`s sitting on. Have a good weekend. x

  5. How cute, I love home made teddies and as a child they were always the best :) I tried to crochet earlier this year but it looked rubbish so I gave up. All I managed was a few circles with no use only perhaps as Christmas tree decorations. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on my new home. I want it to look cottage like although it is over 2,000 square foot, I think I have managed it well. There is a sun room to the right but it is almost hidden from the road.

    All things nice...

  6. Patty and Stinky Toby look like what true friendship is all about...being perfectly happy with each others little imperfections. :)

  7. Cute!!! I love the little rabbits and all the wooly creations. Gorgeous.
    My wee gal prefers plastic dolls to the ones I make. Downer! Never mind, hee hee. Your little one likes the ones made with love and so do I. Mermaid is ace! xxx

  8. I really love Patty!!!! Your toys have so much character, I won't allow you to do them down!!
    Yeah like Tracey @ ROmi and Bob, I love the mermaid too.
    So Stinky Toby is the one who you can never lose, like Noo Noo!!! So stressful when kids become obsessed with a toy isn't it?!
    Gem x x

  9. oh i think patty is really good!! handmade things always have that less than perfect look, but it was made with love and is therefore all the more special!

  10. No don't give up! Carry on making as your kiddies will treasure them and they are perfect little makes x

  11. Oh, your posts always make me smile!
    That rabbit is cute. Seriously! I love his button eyes.
    And hey, if the kids love em, then your job is done!
    Lovely stuff.
    Thanks for always commenting on my blog- you are a star.
    Enjoy your week.


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