Wednesday, 24 August 2011

A deer cushion, and more yarning along

This is a cushion that my best friend bought me this week. For some reason I have a "thing" about deer, and always become excited if I see anything deerish. in a charity shop, and am quick to snap it up.

So I was quite excited to get this lovely cushion as a present.
And it fits so perfectly on my crochet armchair.

On to the yarning along component of today's blog. I am becoming quite fond of these posts.
I'm linking in again with Ginny at Small Things' Yarn Along, .

I am making yet another stash bag to give to one of my sister in laws for Christmas. I have come up with an awesome idea, again inspired by Ginny, who is currently reading Anne of Green gables. One of my sister in laws loves those books, so I have found an etsy site which has Anne fabric. So I plan to buy some, then line the bag with it.
I was quite excited when I came up with that idea~!!

So this is the latest bag, along with my latest book, "Bertie Plays the Blues"
I am totally besotted with anything and everything Alexander Mccall Smith has ever written.
And this is his latest book, which I did not even know had been published, but which my lovely husband found in the local library this morning!!!
I was so excited, and am kind of amazed that I have even stopped reading it to write this blog!!

Alexander McCall Smiths' books are just so incredibly lovely, they are difficult to describe, but they have such lovely gentle characters, that you become so fond of.
Bertie Plays the Blues is part of the Scotland Street series, and it may not surprise you to know that when we went to Scotland last year, this was another pilgrimage I made!!
Walking, or rather sliding along the icy streets of Edinburgh in the early morning, on our last day before flying home, to make sure I found Scotland St, was one of my best memories of the trip.

And this last pic is something I picked up at a charity shop for $4.50 today. It is super cute and reminds me of my grandmother.
Sending lots of good wishes to everyone out there, and hoping your week is lovely, and that you are all being kind to yourselves


  1. love your carribean colours!!

  2. Gorgeous stash bag and that is a great idea to line it with pretty fabric.
    Sounds like a fun book. enjoy

  3. That is a really great idea.

  4. great bag! And what a thoughtful idea.

    I love that cushion, what a lucky find! I would have had to buy it too.

    I also love Alexander McCall smith but so far have only read his Africa series. And like you, when I went to Botswana, I thought of him and his wonderful characters.

  5. oh i love anne of green gables too! they were my favourite childhood series. only i got to the fifth book and decided i wouldn't read the others (two or three more i can't remember) yet as i didn't want it to end. the irony is i still haven't gone back to read them! i must do. x

  6. Hello my "deer" (tee hee)
    Hope all well with you and LOVING that deer cushion.
    I have never read Anne of Green Gables but must do asap, I know I will love it.
    Also saw the post of the wedding - where abouts was this? I remember loving the kookaburras when we lived in Oz.
    x x x

  7. oh what is a reply blogger and a no reply blogger? i tend to reply on the persons blog to make sure they get it. yes the tv day was much needed and i'm feeling better now, but thanks for your kind words!

  8. Your cushion is really sweet. We have a wood nearby where you can see deer. They seem such calm animals.
    I jave never read anything by the writer you mention, but I feel like I should now after how you describe the characters. x

  9. Great little bag, I love those colors together! And your little deer pillow is so sweet! What a kind friend.

    I'm trying to be as good to myself as possible right now--I'm SUCK! ACK!

    I'm going to check out the Yarn Along...It looks fun!

  10. ohh, didn't realise there was a new 'Scotland Street' book either - read 'the importance of being 7' over the summer - I love the whole series too, so sweet and twee - I lived in Edinburgh as a student many years ago and part of me still pines to live there again..

  11. I've only read the Ladies Detective Agency books by AMcCS, must try some of the Scotland Street ones. I haven't been to Edinburgh for years despite only living 60 miles away. It's a beautiful city.

  12. Love the colors! I need to make some stash bags as well :D
    I've read all the Ladies detective agency novels - they are so lovely! Unfortunately I don't enjoy the Scotland street ones at all :)

  13. Hi thanks for the comment on my post. Had to comment to give you a high five for liking Alexander McCall Smith - especially 44 Scotland St - oh my goodness, I LOVE those books. I get all giddy when a new one comes out but I'm very strict with myself and make myself wait until it comes out in paperback.


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