Monday, 22 August 2011


This weekend was my youngest brother and sister in laws wedding.
Those of you who have been reading this blog for the long haul may remember that I crocheted a rainbow stripe blanket for their wedding present.
Unfortunately I forgot to pack it on the day!!!! But they are away for a month on honeymoon, so will give it to them when they get back!!!!
The day was marvellous. I don't have many photos as I was busy absorbing the beauty of the day. It was one of those truly lovely magical days.

The wedding was held at a winery atop a the same mountain my husband and I married on.  The wedding itself was held in a glass dome that was perched on top of the mountain, and the reception was in the attached restraunt. The scenery was mind boggling, and the food was amazingly delicious. And of course I am biased, but the company was also fantastic!!

I really wished I took more photos to show.But I do have these photos of the fans everyone received on the tables.

And I have photos of the bag, shoes and necklace I wore

This is my favourite necklace, I got it for my first Mothers day from daughter#2, it's a glass apple. Daughter#2 always likes to pretend to bite in when I'm wearing it.

And I LOVE this bag! I had actually forgotten I had it, it's a vintage Spencer and Rutherford. It has beautiful red silk lining inside, and remind me of a koala bear!!

Speaking of native animals. here is a kookaburra that perched on the verandah of the chalet we stayed over night in.  After having the most amazing day and night, most of our family stayed overnight, and all caught up for a huge breakfast the next morning!!

And some beautiful flowers on the mountain.

I had an amazing time, and am now recovering. Hope everyone has a great week!!


  1. I am glad you had such a lovely time. :) x I love the photograph of the Kookaburra.

  2. sounds like you really enjoyed yourself. I like those fans..what a neat idea.

  3. Weddings are great aren't they, especially when it is family. I love your picture of the kookaburra, I used to sing a song about a kookaburra sitting on an apple tree when I was a kid, now there's a blast from the past....thanks for the memory!


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