Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Yarn Along

Today I am linking up with Ginny from Small Things in her Yarn Along
She is combining two of my favourite things- yarn and books.
So without further ado, this is what I am reading and making at the mo

I am reading the new book by one of my favourite ever authors- Nick Earls.
He writes the funniest ever books, that you honestly can't read in public. I had made that mistake many many times when I was at uni and caught public transport all the time. You find yourself snorting with laughter. And his characters are just so likeable, and just so like people you know, or yourself. I would highly recommend checking out his books. Reading one of his books is like chatting with an old friend you haven't seen in ages, where you laugh and laugh at ridiculous things until your stomach hurts.

But I wouldn't start with this one, as it's not his best. It's still great,just not my favourite.  My favourite ever of his would be ZigZag Street, which I can truthfully say is one fo the best and funniest books ever written!!.
Favourite favourite author

And so on to the making component of this post_ I'm not actually too sure what this is that I'm making!
It started out with the intention of becoming a rainbow cushion for my brothers wedding (weekend after next), but I kind of lost the love for it being a cushion.

I still love it, but I'm not too sure what it's going to be when it grows up. It feels quite odd making something when I don't actually know what it will become.

I haven't really been feeling like blogging, I've still been reading all of your lovely blogs, but haven't been feeling the love to write my own stuff this past week. Which is why I was quite happy to do the link up thingo with Ginny- it helps if you have a topic sometimes.

On a happy note, I had my hair done last night after work, I got more foils, and was quite happy with the outcome, I did not realise how long my hair actually is until my husband took this photo for the blog for me!

I am really loving my hair, I had wanted to lighten it a bit before the wedding, and I am totally loving this!!
I hope everyone in blogland is safe at the moment, obviously everyone's thoughts are with the victims of the senseless violence going on.
Take care and be safe, and talk soon


  1. Firstly - love your hair :)

    I like the sound of the books you're talking about, may have to look up Zig Zag soon

  2. So grateful to have found your blog. :-) I am going to take a good look around. So far I love what you wrote in "About Me". Crochet is a huge stress release for me, as well. Have a good day!

  3. this is really cute! maybe a floor mat? i will look up the book too, anything that makes me giggle and snort on public transportation works for me!


  4. I have just found your blog via someone else, and totally agree with you about crochet, I discovered crochet just over a year ago and can't actually stop now. I notice things on the tv (much to my husband's annoyance) that have been crocheted, and I have to point it out......we were watching an old Steven Segal film the other night (not sure ifI should admit to that!) and he had some crocheted blankets on the back of sofas! How sad am I? I am also really caught up in reading what other people are doing...also much to my husbands annoyance....ah well, maybe I'll make him a granny square jumper....

  5. Could it be a bag? It is totally cute anyway. Your hair looks lovely and I wish mine was so long. I chopped mine at the beginning of summer, which was silly as I always regret it. x

  6. Yes, I love the crochet, but I also love the books and having a funny book to read is just magic!
    Thanks for the recommendation- will look out for it soon.

  7. Ooooh noted that author and will see if I can find next time I pop to the library. Need something a bit cheery at the moment with the auful Riots going on in the country:(

    Love the hair - it's so long. My little girl has just had hers chopped off by granny ( mother in law) bit of a dispute as I was very upset - I really loved her long hair but it will grow back. x

    You could make a huge rainbow blanket with your project x

    Leah x

  8. ahhh, you have beautiful hair - what I would give to have such a glossy mane! Thanks for the author tip, will be looking out for him next time I'm in the library, elaine x

  9. I am thinking you are making a nice big stash bag! I have just finished mine. I need some holiday reading and 'funny' would be great. Your hair is looking fab. :)

  10. A new author to try, will look out for his books now - always good to try something new.
    Thank you for your kind comment about my blanket.

  11. Thanks for the book info, I am always looking for a great book to read. I love the crochet whatever it becomes and your hair looks fantastic, perfect for a wedding.
    Did you see I blogged about your cards the other day? Sorry the pictures were a mess, I love them to pieces.

  12. I'm not sure what specific senseless violence you're speaking of... Is this something local to you? :0(

    I love the rainbow cushion/whatever it may be. Good luck with it!

    Your hair is beeeeeeautiful, and so long!!!

  13. Your hair is gorgeous! I think I like the idea of a tote bag best for your project.

  14. Love the colors of the project - I agree with the tote bag idea. Bet it would work great!!


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