Monday, 1 August 2011

Walks, and capturing the sun

The last two days have been filled with fantastic lovely walks, which have made me feel very happy,so I thought I would share some of them.
Yesterday my brother and I took daughter#2 and his girls for a very long bushwalk.
We did not go as far or as quickly as I would have liked, but we did have four girls under six with us, which hampered our speed somewhat.
Here are some of them in action.

We went in a local forest area where my brother and I used to run when we trained together for half marathons- he still runs them, I have not done one for about five years now ;(
It's quite beautiful, we saw quite a few wallabies, as it was late afternoon, and they were out. The girls were all thrilled by that.

We then collected spouses, the rest of the offspring, other brothers and sisters, and parents, and went out for a lovely Indian meal.

Today was even better, as I had the day off work!
Go the three day weekend!!!
I started the day with this walk in the morning

For some reason I became obsessed with taking photos of the sun this morning

this obsession continued throughout the day

The husband and youngest daughter and I decided to go on a picnic and walk, since sadly it has become a bit of a rarity for us to have time together lately.
We went for a walk along a jetty

Where I continued in my quest to capture the sun. This time it was the sun sparkling on the water I attempted to capture

We had a lovely picnic lunch, prepared by my lovely husband,  the small one played on the playground to her hearts content, we went for a walk, had ice creams,  hopped back in the car to pick daughter#1 up from school, came home, and found out my sons girlfriend had popped over to visit him after uni, and had made cupcakes for us all.

Awesome day!!
I love not going to work, and spending time with my favourite peeps.
Leaving you now with some last lovely photos of the day, and hoping you had sun filled, happy filled days as well

 Peace out


  1. beautiful pics, sounds like a sweet weekend :D
    Karen X

  2. What a great weekend, and I see why you were obsessed with the sun, it is so beautiful on everything it touches. Hope your short work week goes fast.

  3. Ah, lovely, lovely - sounds like the ideal combo: sun, family and food. (Hmmm, did you manage to sneak in a bit of crochet too - that would have been the cherry on top!)
    Emily x

  4. Great photos and it looks like a great weekend. My favorite photos are the last two tree photos. You old half marathon training grounds look like lovely scenery for such long runs.
    xo Susan

  5. Beeeeeeautiful photos to complete what sounds like the perfect weekend! Fun times with family? Indian food? Cupcakes? A walk on the jetty? That tree? Gorgeous! Lucky lady! :0)

  6. hey - keep missing your posts then realised you aren't on my sidebar (off to rectify in a mo)
    lovely pictures - how we all love the summer!
    fee x

  7. what a lovely weekend...perfect!
    it is sunny here today so Im off to do the garden.

  8. wow the sun is so beautiful. i love walks with the family! x


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