Saturday, 30 July 2011


This week I have been experimenting with making hats.

Koala hats to be precise

Experimenting with trying to take more interesting photos

These two guys are bookends my husband bought me for my wedding anniversary, and who normally sit on my bedside table trying to tidy the pile of books there

I've been experimenting with making bunny hats

And not sure what type of hat this one was....

There was a sale on at my local wool store- 40%, so my Saturday morning was quite pleasurable

I have lots of plans for this wool.

And last but not least, here is the mermaid, as promised

Here she is in the process of being made.
She looks a lot better in pieces than she does actually put together sadly :(

And here she is all put together-

I tried different frames and exposures to try and make her look better

But truth be told I think I just have to face up to the fact that I am not very good at making cute toys.

Daughter No2 absolutely loves her but, and in fact goes to sleep each day with the snake I made previously, the scary mermaid, and Stinky Toby.
So I guess she is a success, as she is loved very much by someone :)
Have a lovely week


  1. Hee hee I just LOVE this mermaid!!! Slightly sinister eyes but truly gorgeous and I love her!
    I've just realised you gave me the Liebster award. I've never had that one so thanks very much, very honoured you like my blog.
    I am failing with crochet, I just can't get it right so I in awe of you and your creations.
    Have a wonderful weekend
    x x x

  2. Hello Sunbeam

    Love the hats, tooo cute really. My girls would have me making mermaids like that all day if they could. You are doing so well with all your crocheted creations, I can tell it brings you great joy- keep up the inspiring work xxx

  3. I think she is adorable. She reminds me of the doll on the island of misfit toys in that Christmas special for kids. I love her.

  4. I love those hats - cuter than cute! :-)

  5. The koala hats are adorable!! The bunny hat is cute too. And that last hat...well, someone will love it, I'm sure! ;0) The mermaid is perfect.

  6. Cute hats!!

    Ah, bless the mermaid - she certainly has character!! Don't give up though, practice makes perfect!!

    If your daughter loves her, that's a success!!

    S x

  7. So sweet

    i loveit

    greatings send you Conny

  8. Ha ha ha! Giggling loudly! Petula has an equally freaky friend! Fabulous! I love her. I really love her, she's so odd she's unbelievably cute. I think she is called Penelopina. It's the red eyes that make her for me. They are perfect.
    ps I'll be doing your award you gave me in my next post, if I don't then feel free to remind me x x x

  9. Love those hats- so cute.
    And the mermaid is just perfect too.
    Enjoy your week.


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