Saturday, 23 July 2011

Award and scarves galore

Karen from has been kind  enough to give me the Liebster Award. Karen's blog is awesome if you haven't checked it out.

So I'm going to quickly give it away to some of my favourite blogs:
Gem at
Cuckoo at
Bee at
Sarah at
Annaboo at
and Jamie at

I am absolutely dreadful at doing this, I get suffused with blog award anxiety about who to pick as I just LOVE all the blogs I read, then I think should I choose ones that don't have awards, or just go with the ones I really really love, can I award it to someone I have already given one to........., then I have to remind myself that I am in danger of losing my mind if I think of too many permutations and outcomes of my decisions, and that really it's just a bit of fun!!!
Now if you're still reading this, and haven't walked away (or clicked away) shaking your head saying *Is this woman deranged???? then I'll get down to business.

You may remember that the lovely, talented and kind Meredith from was sweet enough to have a competition with an awesome lot of lovely things which I was lucky enough to win!!!
Making me incredibly happy!
So happy!!!

One of the fantastic things included was a ball of Cascade wool, which was just beautiful to use, I made this scarf with the adorable and super comfortable wooden crochet hook that was also included.
The wool is incredible, when its made up it just drapes so beautifully. I love this scarf and have been wearing it heaps as it is quite cold here.

One of the things I have been thinking about a lot recently is the impact that starting to blog has had on my life, I know I think about taking more photos, or things to write about more often, and ways to chronicle my days in the blog. I have an appalling memory, and this is working out well for me as a visual reminder of what I have been thinking and doing.

The other impact has been me learning so much, I have found so many new recipes and tried so many new things from the wonderful world of blogging. And yes, washing my hair with bicarb soda was one of the weirdest things, but ironically also the best!!! Thanks Lucy for that tip in your awesome blog:

Anyhoo, this is a very long winded way to get to my original point, which was that when I was thinking about how to take  a photo of my new grey scarf, I came up with the idea of hanging all my scarves and cowls from the four poster. So here they are (And yes, i do wish I had tidied a bit prior to taking this pic!!)

All righty then, I was going to show you all my newest creepy thing I made whilst trying to make something lovely and cute for my daughter.
I do have plans afoot to make a partner for creepy Petula, who featured previously, but this one.............this one was meant to be me learning from my mistakes and making a super cute mermaid, that would look like one of Annaboo's super cute elf like creatures............but oh no!!!
No no no.........she looks nothing like that.
I will post about her another time as i have faffed about far too much already, but here is a teaser of her on the way to becoming the weirdest looking mermaid ever!

See you later alligators xxx


  1. Oooooh, thank you so much for the award!! It means such a lot to me - as does blogging, like you I am pretty new to it but it really does make you think differently about everything, even the little little things and encourages you to slow down and enjoy every moment.

    I really feel now, that I am making some proper friends too, which is just lovely!!


    S x

  2. I've recently posted about the same thing ... how inspired I've been, all the new things I've tried, all the encouraging blogger friends. Today I also posted about how I finally mastered the granny square. Patterns in the past have made no sense, but I finally found one that did and then I wondered how I never got it before! I really am a novice even after having learned to crochet 25 years ago. Some of the scarves you've shown look similar to ones I have created. :) Have a great day. Tammy

  3. I think you picked wonderful blogs for awards, you did a great job, and the scarf is amazing. I am just so in love with Cascade Echo Duo. I just wound up two balls of it to take on a trip, it is the best and I love the drape just like you said. I can't wait to see the finished mermaid.
    Hope you are having a great weekend, and I agree with you on the whole blog thing, I have learned so much and have been blessed by the friendships I have made.

  4. Awwww, bless you hon.
    You are super-sweet for giving me an award- I am just so surprised that people actually like to read my blog. Like Sarah, I feel I'm making some proper bloggy friends!
    Your mermaid will be cute- can't wait to see.
    Thank you, again.
    Have a good weekend. Xx

  5. the blogging community is such a lovely one, and it's really influenced my life too. not just my own blogging, which helps get my thoughts and self together, but as you say the things you are opened up to via other people's blogs.
    i love the scarf too <3

  6. Oh I love this bloggy community. I love that you passed this award on to me and I love even more that you have passed it on to Bee and Gem, two of the most special girls in my real life.

    But most importantly I am delighted for Petula. A friend in the making! Oh please make the mermaid as scary. Please!!!!


  7. Totally agree about the blogging circles here, especially speaking as a stay at home mum... I think Blogland sometimes replaces the traditional workplace friends in modern times. I have phrased that really badly but I am tired and devouring everything online in my broadband excitement!

    Anyway, I rescued two chairs from a bin today... with a notion of learning decoupage and decorating them. Is it really just a matter of sticking things all over them? How do people get that glazed finish? Is there a special paint? So many questions! Where did you learn?

    Don't worry I think the night time swimming costume dress up is quite funny too!

  8. You are going to have to start a shop for all your creepy things! ;0)
    Pretty scarf!! I'm so glad you got that snafu worked out. I think I must have jinxed you by mentioning that I'd be scared to use it.
    And I know exactly what you mean about those award things. It is so hard to choose five favorites (or however many the rules say). There are so many wonderful blogs out there, and the risk of hurting feelings.. It's all just too much to handle! lol

  9. Your scarf looks great! I need to try some different crochet hooks. I have only used a regular metal one. The blogging community is lovely! I am so glad I found it. Before I started blogging 6 months ago I had no idea this community of future friends was out here.
    xoxo Susan

  10. I can't wait to see your scary mermaid. I can't believe how quickly you get things done. I'm so slow at crocheting, I'm just generally a faffer in life anyway...

    Didn't you do well, winning a giveaway! Gorgeous scarf, it looks really soft.

    Nicki xx

  11. Great scarf and I agree about the positive impact from blogging - it´s so nice to be able to look back at what you´ve done and thought. :-)


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