Saturday, 13 August 2011

Fairy garden and an award

I have had a fantastic Saturday today.
I read this week on someone's blog ( I have a memory like a goldfish and I can't remember whose it was so sorry if it was yours, it was ace min, and I really enjoyed reading it) about someone making a fairy garden in a tub! It was a great post and had heaps of adorable photos of fairy gardens, and suggested googling fairy gardens, which I of course did, wasting much much time in looking in delight at them all.

The shortest daughter (daughter#2) is quite in to fairies, in fact she may have her own imaginary one called jasmine. She was delighted when I told her that we would make a fairy garden together.
This morning we went to the markets, bought heaps of flowers,  lots of fresh fruit and veg, and lots of flowering type plants (I'm so not a good gardener- I love to garden, but I never know the names of things, except for the herbs!)

 Anyhoo, laden wiht plants, fresh flowers, fruit and veg, we then went to the shops, where we bought lots of fairy type things, and a giant pink plastic tub.
I kind of think something more rustic mightl have been better than a pink plastic tub,  but I (and the shortest daughter) were in a frenzy to make this. Plus she loves it!

We then arrived home, and began the process of planting. I did the planting, of course with some help, from my incredibly excited and helpful helper ( I am quite the wordsmith today, how many times can I use the same adjective in one sentence!!)
Then it was time to begin positioning the fairies and mushrooms. I found it quite hard to not move where she had placed them, or say "wouldn't it look better over here" but remembered it was her fairy garden, not mine!!
(And yes, I may have to actually make one for myself, and then it can be an extra birthday present down the track. Or something!!)

We finished the day off with a walk to the park, and a play on the swings

And some massive ribs from the markets for dinner that were unbelievably tasty!! So not showing pics of those, as it's embarrassing how huge they were!!!
More photos of the park instead.

 So, on to awards, I was privileged to receive the Versatile Blogger from  
who has an awesome blog that I love reading. Check it out here
I love her 10 facts about herself, and I am really not sure that I can come close to having such interesting ones, but here goes:

1.   Last time I did the fact thing here, I mentioned that no one in my real life knows I have this blog. Turns out I was wrong. Hello Daughter#1 who has been reading it all along!!! And who is incredibly sweet and lovely, also smart, and I would be writing that even if you weren't reading this princess :)
2.   Daughter#1 is also a vegetarian. She has been since she was about 3 or 4. She made the decision herself. I know that is technically not a fact about me, but whatever!
3.   I love to read, I may have mentioned this before. I read obsessively. Reading and crochet are my two big stress relief's.
4.   My favourite authors are: Nick Earls, Nick Hornby, Ian Rankin, Colin Bateman. I like authors that make me laugh. Ian Rankin rarely does, but I love him all the same.
5.    I would love to be a writer. I did English Literature as a subject at uni, but then had to specialise after 2 years and had to drop it. I often wish I didn't.
6. We went to Scotland last year for 6 weeks, were there for the "worst winter ever" which was awesome for me.  I am such a book nerd that I made my husband do the Ian Rankin tour of Edinburgh with me. It was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7. My husband is Scottish.
8.. I taught my husband to do chain stitch last night. It was great, and he looks so cute crocheting. There is something about men crocheting that is just so sweet. It always makes my heart melt when I see someone blogging about teaching their partner to crochet.
9. I have very rarely applied for jobs, I tend to stay in jobs for a long time, and only leave if I get offered another better one. I am quite lazy.
10. I have a terrible terrible memory, so bad that one of my staff calls me Nemo (from the movie, the goldfish that has no memory at all).

Apologies that that was quite a boring 10 facts. Now to the passing on of the award. I can't do it!! I just can't! I get so conflicted about who to give it to, and then inevitably inadverterntly leave out people I meant to include then I feel to avoid my neurosis getting any worse, I am giving it to anyone who is a follower of this blog and hasn't had an award. It's yours- enjoy. I love reading peoples blogs they are all so inspiring and you all deserve awards. And you're all lovely

So with that, I will say Talk Later Skater, and leave you with some photos of this weeks walk around the lake- Hope your weekend is as fun as mines has been so far!


  1. Great to discover you!
    Well done on your award and so loving your fairy garden!
    Thanks for entering juicylucy giveaway!
    Take care for now.
    Becca x

  2. So great that you got the award and I love the facts about you. The fairy garden is a great idea, I saw it on another blog and loved it. Your daughter will love tending to it. Happy Sunday to you while it is Saturday here.

  3. Love the fairy garden, might have to Google them myself!!

    Congrats on the award!! I had to chuckle at fact #10 - it's Dory that is the forgetful fish, not Nemo, lol!!

    S x

  4. Well, Sarah's comment is just the best demonstration of the fact that I am INCERIBLY forgetful- he calls me Dory not Nemo!!
    When I read your comment Sarah, I could not believe I had mixed them up!!!
    That could be fact number 11, I am forgetful and I mix words up all the time

  5. aww, lovely facts! Ian Rankin tour of Edinburgh? must remember that one the nexrt time I'm down there - was it any good?

  6. Hi, thanks for your kind comment on my blog. The fairy garden is amazing. Love the 10 things about you. I've got a terrible memory as well.

    I really must teach my partner to crochet (mind you, I can only barely crochet myself!). Everytime, we sit and watch a film together, I'm knitting or crocheting and my daughter's knitting or drawing and he says he'd like to be doing something constructive too. He could help me crochet or knit a few squares for my patchwork blanket I'm working on at the mo - perfect!

  7. I love your fairy garden - what a brilliant idea! Congrats on your award too - very well deserved. I have been so very slack at visiting my fave blogs lately so I am going to sit down and have a good read through right now! Have a fab week.

  8. Not boring at all! I love reading random facts. How interesting that your daughter chose to be a vegetarian at such a young age. She must love animals! And how sweet that she reads your blog!
    I also love reading and crochet. I could get lost in either one...
    Awesome fairy garden!!What a fun idea!

  9. i want to be a writer toooo!

    aw how sweet that your daughter knew about your blog all along. not many people in my life know about my blog either.

    love the fairy garden idea too btw.



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