Thursday, 14 July 2011

Grateful 4 MereKnits

 Good Morning!
Today I have something to really be grateful for!
Today my prize from  arrived!!
Of course I was ridiculously excited as soon as I saw the box.
In my excitement to open it, I may have taken some fairly dreadful photos, but here they are anyway:

I thought the prize was a scarf- which it was, and which was incredibly beautiful and warm and lovely and so many other superlatives- but there was so much more in the box!!!!!!!!!!!!

There was this beautiful Cascade wool, which I have read about, but never actually seen before. It is just beautiful, I can't stop stroking it. It's so soft, and I absolutely love the colour.

And then there was the most beautiful wooden crochet hook. Its made from Californian birch, it's smooth, beautiful and I just cannot wait to start using it.
I am pretty sure that tonight the wool and the new hook are going to get a bit of a workout.
I just have to decide what will be perfect enough to make with them.

And as if the scarf, the crochet hook, and the amazing wool were not enough...................

 There was also a moisturising bar called  Lolo, which I had never heard of before, its fantastic, and smells lovely.
Meredith had also put in these cute little tags, which will definitely come in handy

And this gorgeous lavender and tea tree oil for washing woolens!!!

I feel so incredibly lucky this morning, and really want  to thank Meredith at
soooooooooooooooooooooooo much for her amazing kindness in having the give-away in the first place, and sending me such an amazing, brilliant, beautiful and thoughtful presents. I feel so privileged, lucky and happy this morning. If you haven't already, pop over to MereKnits blog, it's amazing, and so is she!!

And in a totally unrelated note, I have taken to going for a walk around the lake in my lunch break on days when I have time. It's about a half an hour walk all up, is just a beautiful walk, and clears my head. I have taken to dressing for my walk now in the mornings- I generally wear a pant suit (what a horrible word!!), then when I'm ready to go, just take off the jacket, and often scarf, put on my sneakers, which I keep under my desk, and away I go. The only issue is that work pants and sneakers make me look like I am an eighties movie, playing the role of some go getting corporate Barbie!!
Not that I look like Barbie. At all.
And this is a picture of the bridge at the end of my walk, the reflection was amazing yesterday and I just had to get a photo.

Anyhoo, I had better get cracking to get ready for work- I'm running a bit late for work due to all the excitement of getting the box this morning.
And the first thing I will be putting on this morning is that beautiful scarf!!!
Thanks so much Meredith, and I hope you all have as great a day as I am going to have :)


  1. What a fabulous prize, no wonder you are delighted!!

    I guess you must be in the Southern Hemisphere as you are about to go off for work whilst I am just about to go to bed - always makes my head spin when I think of such huge time differences!!

    S x

  2. i am so, so, so, glad you liked everything. I had so much fun with my first ever give away that I can't wait to do another one. I hope the scarf keeps you warm. I made a Queen Anne Lace Scarf from the wool I sent you and it was absolutely beautiful. You can look up the pattern online. Enjoy!!!!!Meredith

  3. Yay! What a great gift. Mereknits is so wonderful. I can't wait to see what you make with your wool and wooden hook!
    xo Susan

  4. I love it! Go Getting Corporate Barbie! haha...that should be their newest doll.
    Wow at all the amazing stuff you got! I would be so scared to use that new yarn! I would fear I'd ruin it!

  5. It is always so lovely to win a prize, especially the one you won! Wow, I have to say I am a little envious. Have fun making,and lake walking :)

  6. How wonderful..I hope you enjoy it all..

  7. That is awesome - huge congrats! :-)


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