Saturday, 16 July 2011

Crocheted Earrings anyone????

Hope you all are having a lovely day.
Mines has been improved by the addition of a cherry tree find,  that is absolutely awesome!!!
(thanks    for the cute phrase to describe charity shopping )
I found this for fifty cents. It was published in 1971


It is really cute, except for the back, which shows this rather horrific baby.
I am not sure which is worse, the baby's scary face, or the woman's scary hair!!!!!!!!!!!!

Crocheted earrings anyone???

And I love the expression on this one's face. Very Top Model!

So I anticipate lots of fun poring through the pictures, and maybe managing to learn to read patterns, or maybe not, it may all just remain hyrogliphics in my head.

In other news, I forgot to mention in the excitement of my last post, that in the post before, where I showed you the hat and scarf I had made for the three year old party the next day.............
Remember that? Because I confused myself a bit writing that!!
Anyway, the day after that post, daughter#2 and I were all dressed up and driving to the party.
We had been on the road for about 10 minutes, when I decided to call my brother, to see if his girls would be at the party.
He informed me that I had gotten the date wrong, and the party was in fact on the next weekend. I felt like a right goose!!!
So, long story short, we went to the party yesterday and daughter#2 enjoyed herself immensely, and I scoffed far too much party food!
And the birthday girl seemed to quite like the hat and scarf combo, and wore it during the party, so I was chuffed with that!
 In other news, I am quite pleased that I posted about the scary doll I made, as there was so much lovely feedback about her. Thanks to  she now has a name, Petula, and she will soon be having a partner, thanks again to Cuckoo's suggestion. My plan is to make her a suitable similar looking doll to hang out with. So it's more than likely that her partner will, instead of looking like a serial killer, which is what I'm planning,  end up looking ridiculously cute!!

Anyway, here is a photo of my thongs to end today's post.

These are my absolutely favourite weekend shoes. They are super comfy Birkenstock style shoes, and I absolutely love the little crochet flowers on them. I bought these eons ago, before I had even started to crochet again.

So I shall farewell you all now, and as always hoping everyone is doing well, and having an amazing weekend, where you are doing the things you love to do with the people you love.


  1. I just adore your weekend shoes!!!

  2. I love the shoes. I am also glad you have tried the 'Poo Free' approach and are having success, thanks for popping in to my blog :) x

  3. I am so glad your doll will have a mate, can't wait to see that one all made up.
    Have a great day,

  4. Is it me, or does the model with the earrings look a bit like a brunette Meg Ryan?
    Emily x

  5. Crochet earrings? Only on the 70s!
    Love those old crochet pics! That baby looks waaaaaay scary!

  6. Hi there i've passed on an award to you, love your blog & all its beautiful color :)
    Karen x

  7. Cute shoes! :-)

    Haha, I agree about the baby pic - could be from a horror movie..! :-D

  8. Oh no....that baby's face will now give me nightmares. About to go to bed!!!
    I LOVE the book, ha ha! Cherry tree treasure indeed.
    Also love your early morning photos, what time were they taken?
    Hope all well round your way and have an amazing weekend.
    Thanks for your comment today, really appreciate it.
    x x

  9. PS I hope they weren't vintage Ladybird books that you were hacking up for the decoupage. How do you actually do decoupage. I want to try it purely cos I love the word. x


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