Friday, 8 July 2011

hats, scarves, snakes,thanks, and a VERY scary doll!

Hello Everyone
I hope you have all had a great week, and are looking forward to the weekend as much as I am!
Above is a picture of the sunrise from this mornings walk. It was just beautiful!

One of the problems with having too much space in between blogging is that you have so much that you want to share all at once, and I fear that todays blog will be a wee bit higgledy piggledy, as I say "look what I made here....and here...and here"
So apologies in advance for me excitedly trying to fit everything in.
Speaking of excitement, and I do mean EXCITEMENT!!!!
I won a prize!!!

And not just any prize, but the most beautiful scarf I have seen in ages.
So thanks very much to Meredith at
I am so excited! It totally made my week!!

So this morning we are off to a 3 year olds birthday party, and I have made these to give her as part of her present.

Sorry about the shade, its a bit hard to see the scarf- I need to work on my photography skills!!

I was quite pleased with how they turned out- I wasn't too sure about the colours at first, but I think they are quite nice together. I hope she likes them.

This has been a week of making things. I'm not sure if I mentioned it before, but our washing machine died last week. With a family of five, that is a huuuugge pain. So whilst we have been waiting for firstly the repair man to come out and tell us it's totally knackered, then waiting for the new one to be delivered, our extremely kind and lovely neighbour Judy has let us use her washing machine.
I really wanted to make her something to say thanks, as apart from lending us her washing machine, she is just a great neighbour. She and her late husband were best friends with my grandparents,  from whom I bought this house, so we have known each other for a very long time.
I often see Judy when I am out walking in the morning, she leaves for her morning walk about the time  I come home from mine. And it has been crazy cold lately, so I thought I would make her a nice scarf to keep her warm, and brighten up her walks on these cold winter mornings.

 Here it is in progress

 And the finished product

I was inspired to make this from seeing a similar one on one of the lovely blogs I read, however have spent ages trying to find the original one which inspired me, and can't find it. If I do come across it again, I will post it back here.

She really liked it, which made me happy.

In other news, over at one of my favourite blogs Attic24, Lucy made an absolutely amazing adorable snake.

Her snake is a thing of beauty, and in no way resembles the snake I made!!!
In no way at all!!!!
But daughter#2 just loves it, and the snake has now become best friends with Stinky Toby (sorry to Jamie's husband, who is also called Toby :) )

I think I will definitely try my hand with another snake, perhaps using thicker wool. And taking more time. And not using an old t shirt and a pair of pajama pants for the stuffing!!!

So.......speaking of things that don't turn out exactly the way you had planned or wanted them to.....................................
here is an absolutely terrifying doll I made...........

 She was not meant to be terrifying, oh no!!! She was meant to be sweet and cute. But this is how she turned out. I had wanted to try making a doll for ages, and thought I would try at first with all my odds and ends of wool.
Everyone in my house is scared of her!

Hope everyone has a great weekend, and a great week next week!

Almost forgot to say, last Mondays day off to go shopping with daughter#1 was fantastic!! We both got some lovely things. I meant to mention that the shopping trip was because she had gotten so many A's on her report card!! I was very proud of her, especially as she is doing lots of very difficult subjects!!!


  1. Tee hee, your dolly has made me giggle this morning! Yes, it's funny when things aren't quite what you imagined!
    I saw Lucy's snake too and yours is just as cute- and the fact that he is already loved by one of the kids makes it all worthwhile!
    And the scarves and hats? - sweet.
    You are one busy lady!

  2. Congrats to the winning - well done with your projects, but I have to say that I wouldn´t dare to sleep with that doll in the house..! :-D I hope you keep your knives locked in..! :-D

  3. Can't wait for you to get your scarf, I'm gald it is chilly there so you will be able to wearit right away. Your doll made me laugh,

  4. Wow, so much crochet going on here. I am teaching myself to knit at the moment and have the book all ready to conquer crochet. Your scarf looks lovely, i do love those colours together, I'm sure it'll be appreciated.
    Happy weekend x

  5. Oh dear I meant to add, thank you your lovely comment on my blog. X

  6. Lots of lovely crochet projects! I love the scarf and hat for the little girl and the green garden scarf is pretty too! The poor doll does look quite scary, maybe you could sew on a smiley felt face to make it less scary?! Congratulations on the win and thanks for the lovely comment on my blog! :) x

  7. The doll isn't "terrifying" per sort of reminds me of a scare-crow. So maybe...spooky? But hey, you made a doll, and for that I salute you. Love the scarves, especially the gardeny one. And I happen to think your snake is rather grand.
    Ironically, my husband (Toby) had a nick-name as a child..."Little Tooter." Apparently he tooted a lot. So he could technically be called Stinky Toby and it would fit just fine. :0)

  8. Ok I read your whole post whilst making mental notes about what I was going to say and I was going to thank you for the sweetest comment over at mine about sending me to a spa and making a list for the cleaners...but I have been over come with mirth. I love that doll soooooooooo much!! That fact that you described her as terrifying set me off laughing loudly for the first time in ages!

    I am grateful for Grateful 4 Crochet.


  9. well done on being brave and showing something that doesn't quite work out, sometimes I get fed up of seeing perfect places with perfectly made objects so Well Done and next time I make a scary thing I will put it on my blog! Hope you don't take this the wrong way.

  10. I've just popped back to say that I was a no reply blogger for ages and sent hundreds of emails that went no where too. DOn't be embarrassed you're in good company!

    OMG that doll still cracks me up, it's the face that makes me laugh the most, she really is spooky. Lets call her Petula.


  11. Lots of lovely projects there and what a great prize to win, such a beautiful scarf. And then there's the doll! Made me smile, thanks for sharing!

  12. I love the scarf that you won, it's gorge!!!
    I have NO idea what a no reply blogger is.....what is Cuckoo talking about.......I just post messages on I doing something wrong......oh very new at all this!!!
    Loving that doll, I look like that first thing in the morning.
    Oooh and that sunset.....STUNNING.
    x x

  13. Hi there - just popped over from Cuckoo and have laughed enough to cry!! I quite like your scary doll and I really love that you posted about it. Some blogs are full of such perfectness that its nice to see something like some of the things I have turned out (i have done some very wonky crochet at times!). just the giggle I needed tonight! :-)


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