Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Scarfing Safari

 So............. Scarves. And scarves on safari?
I have realised going back to work has really inhibited my blog writing. Yesterday morning I decided to have some fun with the new scarves I've made since I last posted, and took them for a bit of a walk around the garden, as you can see.
I love the scarf above, I saw a runway shot on someone's blog in my early days of crochet frenzy (last month), and had to make one for myself. I read somewhere when joining, to leave one square vacant so you can tuck the ends through. You can see I did this on the left hand side.  It works, and looks really cute tucked through, but if you just want to wear the scarf flat without tucking it, then there's a gaping hole.
so the only solution was to make another granny square scarf. I used some lovely alpaca wool I have, and you can see the end results below. This is now one of my favourites. I made this one a bit longer than the first so I can wind it around.

I am really happy with both these scarves.
I think with the whole back to work I have been enjoying the happy mindlessness of making scarves.

Here is the last of the back to work beauties I have made. My daughter said this one looks like a watermelon, and I think so too. I love the colours.

 Coincidentally I made this from the same wool as the granny square above, but it looks totally different.

OOPS, almost forgot to I am Grateful 4 everything I have in life, my beautiful family in particular


  1. Love all the scarves. Look up Queen Anne Lace Scarf, you will become addicted. They are easya nd very fun to make. Good luck.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog!!

    Your scarves are lovely, isn't crochet fab? Looking forward to exploring your blog further....

    S x


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