Saturday, 9 April 2011

Extreme Crochet

OK, so "Extreme Crochet".
Where to begin?
It certainly sounds a lot more hard core than it actually is.
Extreme Crochet is what I call crocheting, whilst cycling on my exercise bike, whilst watching TV.
I know its not exactly as extreme as crocheting whilst hang-gliding or mountain climbing, or anything else really.
But I really enjoy it. I'm not sure what it is, but for some reason the combination of crocheting, telly watching and exercise biking is great, and helps pass the time on the exercise bike so much more pleasantly than otherwise. I think the combination is just enough to disengage my mind from the constant loop of "when have i been on this bike long enough to get off?" to pleasantly thinking about whatever it is I'm making.
And the combination also makes me feel pleasurably smug about how much I've achieved, and how good I am at multitasking............
Relaxation:       tick,
Making stuff:    tick,
Exercising:        tick.
So here is what I've been working on tonight I'm planning on making a long granny square scarf edged in black, from some gorgeous alpaca I bought recently for this express purpose.

 I'm still adjusting to using photos in here so please forgive any messy alignments.

 Today what I am grateful 4 is what I see out the window each morning when I awake. I have tried to take photos, but it just doesn't reflect how pretty it is when the sun shines through the globes


  1. Hello Rachel, thanks for visiting my blog, nice to meet you. I love your extreme crochet idea, sounds like my kind of multi-taskng exercise fun. I like to keep my hands busy when I relax too xox have a lovely weekend.

  2. Thanks Penelope, thanks for visiting mines, hope u also have a great weekend

  3. Lovely globes Rachel and I can't wait to see your scarf, I love the colors you have picke dout. Hope you have a wonderful weekend and keep biking!

  4. Thanks Meredith, will do!
    And I adore your new flower scarf

  5. What a good idea! Crocheting and exercising! That could be the answer for me, I loathe exercise but maybe crocheting would lessen the torture. Just need to borrow a bike to test it out.

    Scarf is looking great, there's something really very nice about crocheting something you can wear isn't there.

    I too love glass globes in the sun light but I strongly urge you to never EVER leave them in your home in the sunlight when you are not stood right next to them. Here's my story. I walked in to the lounge to be met by the smell of burning. I looked around and saw a wisp of smoke rising from the wooden sideboard under the window. The wisp was in front of my beautiful glass globe that has bubbles inside. On closer inspection I saw the sunlight had been concentrated like through a magnifying glass and had burnt a crescent shape in the wood around the globe. It was late April, I think if this had occurred in the height of summer it would have ignited properly and burnt the house down. Last year I was listening to Jeremy Vine on Radio 2 who was interviewing people who had left glass objects in windows and had their homes raised to the ground. A fish tank, a pair of spectacles, a whisky glass, a bevelled mirror coaster, a vase...So now I never leave any thing glass or reflective in my windows, not just my glass globe!

    Sorry, hat's a bit heavy for a Sunday morning but the thought of something horrid happening....


  6. Hi and thanks for that, would never have actually thought or worried about that tbh!!
    Might have to move them now.


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