Friday, 8 April 2011

Fonts and Phone covers

Today began with fonts. I woke early, and played around with several different backgrounds and fonts, courtesy of who has so many brilliant and amazing backgrounds for free. So thanks very much  for that. I love my new one, especially the owl perched on the mushroom.

Today was overcast and beautiful here. Here is a photo of the river where we went for a walk, and were caught in the rain. Was just lovely.

I then decided it was imperative that I make a phone cover for my new phone. I had mukked abut a bit previously, and made a really chunky one with thicker wool, that I just didn't love. Then I found some wool (well 100% acrylic if I'm honest) that I absolutely adore. I love the colour, it just reminds me so of the eighties. It's not the most beautiful piece ever, but I really like it, and it makes me happy looking at it, and pulling it out of my bag. And the colour is just fantastically bright, and reminds me of teasing my hair and legwarmers.....and Wham......and I could go on and on. But won't.

Grateful 4:
my last day of my holiday week off.
I have relaxed.
I have walked lots.
I have started this blog.
I am very happy with it all.


  1. Rachel, I love your phone cover. I remember those colors and I loved Wham...shoulder pads, and blue eye shadow...ahhhh the 80's.
    Have a great day,

  2. Thanks! Yes, as appalling as lots of the eighties were, I still miss them.........


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